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I just open a store in March 2018. I've been getting visitors but no sales. Would someone please give me some pointers on what i'm doing wrong and critique my store please?

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Hi There,

I have checked your store and it looks great.

Below are my findings.

- Give some related items of the products.
- Provide discounts.
- Use some product review apps to increase sales.

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Hi there,

I took a look at your website and although your products look nice and are sorted well I think there's a room for improvement.

First thing is your store design. As you're selling beauty related products, it's utmost important for the store to have an appealing look. What about adding a photo of a model with beautiful hair at the top of your homepage? It would be nice if you could show your customers how beautiful hair extensions can be.

Your logo is nice but it's small and hard to read and also the black background is quite violent. I'd recommend enlarging it, putting it in a frame and using a transparent background.

You should concentrate more on your products descriptions. Just describing the properties is not enough, you should be creative and make your customers feel that they really need the product. Photos of models wearing the same hair extension could also help.

Your social media links doesn't work. After you fix this, they should be opened in a new tab instead of redirecting your customers elsewhere. You need them to stay on your page, not to leave. Here's an article that can help you to set it up.

I'd recommend adding a separate Shipping page with a clear shipping information. You should mention the shipping fees and shipping times to all countries where you sell to.

If you manage to bring some traffic to your store but the visitors are leaving without making a purchase, you might want to try our app ROI Hunter Easy. It generates personalized ads with products your visitors left in the cart or have browsed. Sometimes, the visitors make a purchase immediately but usually, they need more than one visit to make a decision and it's good to remind them of your store.

You can find some additional tips on how to optimize your store for making more sales in this article.

Best of luck!


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I agree with Katerina. The first thing I noticed is that there are so many social media sharing icons on the header. I had to close them to be able to browse. Most websites will have all that on the foother.

What you have on the foother for social media can be adjusted and integrated with the site. They look out of place. Hope that helps.


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