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So I started using shopify on Monday. My website was officially launched that same day. SInce then I made a lot of improvements to make it look more professional. I started with google adwords on Tuesday. Wednesday I started Reddit ads. Today I started Facebook ads. I found that unless youre super specific with google adwords, youre going to spend a lot of money on low quality clicks.

For Google Adwords I get about 2800 impressions and 8 clicks with an average CPC of $0.65 per day.

With Reddit I get 15.2k impressions and 65 clicks per day with a CPC of $0.13 per day.

With Facebook so far I got 704 impressions and 31 clicks with a CPC of $0.14 (havent used facebook ads for a full day yet)

For the facebook ad I made my target audience around 800,000 people. Im super new to all this so if anyone could tell me if these are good numbers I would greatly appreciate it. I have yet to make a sale so if you could offer any advice on my website I would appreciate that as well. I am going to work on product descriptions tomorrow.


As per own expereince ads should be optimize properly, because it is very low data you are geeting.

You should focus on following things to improvement

1. You budget

2. CTR Improvment

3. Focus only on targeted customers

4. Remarketing

5. Landing page optimization.

Hope it will work for you.

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Hi, thanks for the advice. Im very new to this so excuse me if these are dumb quesitons. What is a good CTR? Right now im at about 0.427% on my reddit ad. Also, how would I go about optimizing my landing page? I noticed my landing page score is very low on Google Adwords and I tried improving it by adding key words that matched those in my ads, however, it didnt seem to do anything.


Hi Derek! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Your website looks great - I love the name and the logo. When it comes to the hero image on the homepage, I’d go for a picture of one of your products - otherwise when you show the bottle tops it can give an impression you are selling drinks or bar supplies. It doesn’t automatically scream you have novelty bottle openers. You have great products and showing one of them here can help you connect with the right audience and convert better.

The above the fold area on my 15” screen looks like this:

The chat form overlaps the image and the promo box - and the trio promo boxes are cropped half way, meaning I cannot see the offer details right away.

The chat image also gets in the way on mobile:

You will convert better if you were to display the promo images higher on the screen - and remove the chat box - you can leave the floating message icon - so people can click it and message you, and the chat box can open then.

Consider also adding a CTA [call to action] to your featured image and link it to the relevant collection - you don’t prompt your visitors to click anywhere, so there’s no urgency for them to take action: click + shop. Adding a CTA button can definitely help you design stronger customer journey [sales funnel] and improve the dwelling time.

The featured products look excellent - very inviting.

Rename “All Products” link in the top menu and in the button on the homepage:

Consider renaming it to “Shop” - it creates an urgency and gives an indirect order to shoppers, inviting them to take action [positive tone of voice]. The best performing shops design their customer journey [sales funnel] across the pages with clear CTAs - from the homepage, through collections to the checkout - so showing people where to click and how to browse your website to complete the purchase will put your customers at ease and improve your conversion rate.

Contact us page - consider using as a template for this page in your Shopify admin, so the contact form is displayed automatically. This way people can contact you directly from your website. Also make sure to hyperlink your email address for a one-click contact - see how to do it below - or follow the step-by-step instructions here: how to hyperlink email address.


Policies - nesting all policies on one page can give a “lazy” impression [customers need to do all the work] and also can affect your SEO:

Using “here” as an anchor link gives little juice to the search engines as to what this page contains. It would be much better to use “Shipping policy” text when linking to the Shipping page. [Similar thing in the footer]:

Also, consider displaying the policies as separate pages in the footer - it will help your shoppers to locate them quicker and reduce the clicks - each additional click visitors have to make to complete action reduces your conversion rate and affects SEO. Google recommends having no more than 3 clicks to reach any of the pages - so adding extra page leading to the desired page is counterproductive and works against you. Make sure to have the policies listed separately in the footer - it’s much better approach.

Shipping policy - consider adding more content to this page as well with a table with the delivery rates at the top, so people know right away how much you are charging, and whether you ship internationally or not. Many online shoppers often look for this info before placing an order, to find out the shipping cost, so having a detailed policy can also help you boost your conversion rate.

About us page - consider also adding this page with info about your company, and about your team. It can help you build trust and improve your conversion rate. It’s a great place to introduce yourself and tell your visitors who’s behind the scenes. This page is perfect for building trust, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to build a rapport with your customers. Trust plays a huge role for online shoppers - people love to know who they are buying from and a great About us page can help you earn extra points and improve your conversion rate. Make sure to add a photo of yourself and your team and tell your visitors some interesting fact about each of the team members.

Refund policy - consider writing a unique policy here instead of featuring default Shopify policy, which mentions items you are not selling:

It will help you build trust, tailor the content to your own store and avoid any duplicate content issues, which might affect your Google rank.

Product page - your titles and URLs are SEO friendly, which is excellent; consider also writing longer and more detailed product descriptions for each item. Make sure to really sell it to the visitor and help them visualize the benefits and the design. You can tell about the design, fabric colors, fit, stretch etc. Great, enticing product descriptions can significantly will help you boost your sales. Also remember to use storytelling to convert visitors into buyers. Listing features no longer works as viable selling technique, you have to list the benefits the product will bring into the buyers lives’ in order to sell more than your competitors. This short video explains how storytelling can help you sell more.

Social media - make sure to open the Facebook icon on your website in a new tab, so you don’t lose the valuable traffic. Please check this helpful guide:

Blog - consider blogging regularly - it can help you keep your website fresh with new content [and will make Google bots crawl your website more frequently], which will help you build your Google rank. Blog is also a great way to bring more relevant traffic from the search engines - websites with more written content [articles] tend to outperform websites with no blog in the search results, and therefore get more traffic.

Your SEO score is 53/100

Your meta title and description is great - it’s defined, it describes your products in a quirky way and connects with the right audience:

Google recently updated the meta description length again, and made it shorter [again] which means that the old allowance of 320 characters is no longer supported:

As you can see the meta description gets cropped in the search results. It’s best to update all meta descriptions again to fit within 150-160 characters limit. Shopify does indicate the characters length, which is excellent, or you can use this tool:

Some of your image alt tags are bit lengthy:

It’s best to keep them as short sentences [up to 10 words] - this format is much more SEO friendly.

Make sure to add more content [text] to your website - otherwise Google will treat it as “thin content”:

The best way is through blogging and adding longer pages [500+ words].

You have no backlinks yet:

Backlinks are important when marketing your website, although they are often overlooked. Backlinks are powerful, as they are permanent - they won’t disappear from view, like a social media post, after few days or weeks. Once created, a backlink works in the background on your website rank. While you won’t see the results right away, with the right backlink strategy, your website can climb the Google search results. The higher it gets in the results, the more people click on it and visit your store. Therefore backlinks are also great source of relevant, organic and permanent traffic.

Make sure to work on your SEO - optimization, your website layout, dwell time and content - as it will be crucial for your Google rank. Search engines give priority in the results to the websites that have each element optimized - lacking in one area can mean lower position than your competitors, which translates into $$$ lost. SEO should be your priority, especially at the beginning.

If you don’t have enough time to optimize your website, or you’re not sure how to get started, consider investing in the monthly SEO packages. These are designed by Shopify SEO expert specifically to optimize the website content for the most profitable keywords, and actively bring traffic that converts. You can order your package today here:

If you liked this website critique, and would like to request a review of your own store, please click here now:


Best regards,


Shopify SEO expert

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Thanks so much Maggie! I really learned a lot from your post and it will definitely help with improving my website


Hi Derek - no problem at all! If you get stuck, give me a shout :)

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