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I am 3 days into my FB ad campaign and so far have had 2k visitors. I am happy with this although, I have had 0 sales. I think either my product or landing page isn't sufficient to convert. I'd love if people could take a look at it and critique it!

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Hi!  I took a quick look at the link and I couldn't tell what the product is.  Is it a ball?  It does something, but I can't tell what.  Maybe you need a video of it in action?  Maybe a better product title?   There's a lot of text and I didn't read it all, but ideally, a customer understand the product without having to read much.  Good luck! 


Hi there,

After looking through your product page, I think there are some improvements that we can make to increase conversion rate on the site:

  1. The product name seems a bit vague, it could be better if we give some explanation along with product title. (For example: Petpal - Best Interactive Dog Toy). That would make it clearer for visitors to grab the meaning of the product at first sight!
  2. The first image makes it difficult to understand about the product. Because the balls are not in 3D perspective, they blend into the background & look like decor elements. Please change the image, you can take reference of similar products on Amazon (A real picture of player using the product is the best to show).
  3. The picture that describes product features (eco-friendly, waterproof,..etc) is low contrast & hard to read. It should be pop out from the background image to draw attention & make it easier to read. (You can choose to change the background color, make it darker, left-aligned text to fix that).
  4. If the content of the product page is too long, please add a "Back to top" button to reduce the time it takes to create a conversion. (Faster = Easier)

That would be enough for now. Please let me know if it helps bring sales to the page :D

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I'm new to shopify, and I'm new to this forum as well.  I still can't figure out to create a new post.  I'm hoping to use existing post for help instead.  I have running my FB ads for 2 days now using CBO, but I can't convert.  Maybe it's the way my page design, please take a look at and be as honest as possible, and if you can provide some recommendation for improvement.  It would be awesome.

Thank you