Custom SMS Notification that take data from order

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Hello, i got some problems about custom SMS Notifications. 
so i want to include the title product on SMS notifications, i followed this variable on shopify doc:

so i change the template to this:


Hi Bapak/Ibu{% unless order.customer.first_name == blank %} {{ order.customer.first_name }}{% endunless %},
Terima kasih telah melakukan pembelian di pada {{ order.created_at }} , senilai {{ order.total_price | money }}. Produk yang Anda beli adalah {{ order.line_items }}  sebanyak {{ order.item_count }}.
{% if order.requires_shipping %}{% case delivery_method %}{% when 'pick-up' %}Kami akan memberi tahu Anda jika pesanan Anda sudah siap diambil. {% when 'local' %}Kami akan memberi tahu Anda jika pesanan Anda sudah dikirimkan. {% endcase %}{% endif %} {% if order.order_status_url %} Anda dapat mengecek pesanan Anda ({{ }}) di: {{ order.order_status_url }}{% endif %} 


as you can see, there is a variables {{ order.line_items }} but i got nothing. here are the result:


how can i change it to the title of the product?