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Hey guys! 

So I only launched 4 days ago, so I'm really new and am probably worrying about nothing - but i'm putting a lot of work into my store so I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I was doing wrong. 


Since the launch 4 days ago i've had 526 online store sessions and made 1 sale, but I have 6 sessions that reached checkout but didn't purchase. I've checked over my checkout process and everything seems fine so I hope there isn't a problem i'm not seeing!

Check out my store here, 

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Hey, there!


This is Ren from the Shopify support team, here to help you out!


Just gonna start by saying congratulations on your successful launch and first sale! I think you've developed an awesome, niche product that's on trend and I really enjoy your site design and branding.


When we consider the top reasons users abandon carts there are 4 major angles to look at. 1. Mandatory account creation before purchase, 2. complex checkout processes, 3. unexpected delivery costs and 4. security concerns.

When I ran a test, I noted that the checkout was easy, it felt secure and I wasn't asked to sign up - this leaves us with the unexpected costs. When you view your analytics can you see users from outside the UK? It looks like you offer free shipping in the UK and $10 flat rate elsewhere - could it be possible that some of those abandoned carts were dissuaded at checkout once the cost of shipping was calculated?


It would be worth considering offering free shipping worldwide although this means either eating the cost of the extra shipping or increasing the price of your products to help mitigate the shipping costs. Another method would be to offer free shipping after a certain amount (say, 3 shirts or $50 in cart). You could also look at creating some sort of initial incentive like a discount code upon email sign up, or a click-to-win feature like Spin Wheel Pop up.

For now, what you can do now is create a cart recovery plan. Fire off those abandoned cart emails and include some incentive to return like a discount or limited time special offer. Also, keep in mind that sometimes people abandon their carts due to an issue with their card and will get busy or forget so the cart recovery email is a really nice reminder nudge in those instances.


I absolutely love your IG account and suggest looking into connecting the sales channel if you haven't already. Also, read up on influencer marketing and how to use this to elevate your products and brand! I feel like your products would definitely grab the interest of influencers out there. 


Let me know if you have any troubles implementing the suggestion above! I'm happy to assist further or to answer any questions.


Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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Hello. I love the overall look that you’re going for. I would definitely add more to the homepage. It is kind of empty right now. A better layout of your products and. A few graphics will make your site pop. Also what platforms are you using to advertise your website?
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Hi @LauraOMGRL,


Congrats on getting your first sale!  A high dropoff rate between add to cart and conversion isn't uncommon.  Do you use Google Analytics to analyze traffic on your site?  If so, we'd be happy to help you figure out where in the conversion process your losing customers (i.e. do the add to cards actually start the checkout process and leave, or do they never reach checkout to begin with). 


Let us know!


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Hi Laura, 


The first thing I noticed with your checkout flow is that it was asking me to fill in the apartment/suite number as a required field. The address I input didn't have an apartment/suite, so that may be the reason that people can't proceed with the checkout. 


I would also say that there are some conflicting messages for shipping. You had an announcement bar that said that I qualified for free shipping, but the shipping policy said that it would be 10 pounds to the USA. Setting your announcement bar to be location-based messaging will help with the confusion and help with abandoned checkout. 


It is also common for people to abandon checkout. They want to see what the grand total is with shipping and other fees, but they aren't ready to buy. Therefore, it is important to build a system that can recover as many of these carts as possible. Do you have abandoned checkout emails going out? This can greatly improve your cart abandonment rate. You can also incorporate coupons and other incentives into your abandoned checkout emails to motivate the buyer to commit. 


Good luck!

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Thank you, this is all really helpful. I took your feedback on board and I switched up my shipping options, so i'm hoping it helps. I can totally relate myself to not wanting to pay for delivery, so i'm going to test taking the hit on it while I get started and build up trust from my store :) 

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Thank you! I didn't realise I had the apartment/suite section as mandatory, so i've now switched this. Very helpful!