Customers not receiving "delivered" notifications for local delivery

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I have just launched my shop and am using the new local delivery feature. I have noticed that customers are not receiving "delivered" email notifications once i have physically delivered their products and selected "delivered" in the orders page. Even though the website is telling me it has sent the customer a notification. 


I have ALL email notifications turned on for customers, all the boxes are ticked for notifications under the "local delivery" options as well. 


Customers are receiving Order Confirmation emails, but not "delivered" emails for local delivery. 

I am not using a domain name for my email either, its just a gmail account for now.


Anyone else having this issue? 

Cant seem to find any info as this feature is only new.

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I'm also having this issue.  None of the emails or SMS notifications are going out to customers.  Everything seems to be disabled. Does anyone have a solution?