Debut Add Newsletter Sign Up in Announcement Bar

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I'm using Debut and want to put the newsletter sign up in the announcement bar at the top of the page (my newsletter sign up is currently in the footer). Every time I try to cut the newsletter form code and paste it into the announcement bar section, I get an error message about shema and tags. Can someone tell me what to cut and where to paste it? Or how to make the code /schema work? Thank you!!

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That's a great question! Not sure how to implement it with a code, but you can use a simple announcement bar app instead - like this one - and then link the button from the promo bar to the sign up form [you would need to generate a sign up form code from your mailing list and integrate it on one of your pages]. This way people can click the button from the promo bar, and sign up on your website. Let me know if you need help implementing it. 

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