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Hello! I've been searching for the solution to my simple issue and I've seem similar questions asked but couldn't find anything helpful regarding the debut theme. 


All I want to do is align my header menu to on the right instead of centered. I'm definitely not a code expert but if anyone can give me something to find and adjust it would be greatly appreciated! :)]




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Hello Grace,

Add this css at them bottom in theme.scss.liquid, you can find this file under assets

.site-nav {
    text-align: right !important;

This will mover menus to right but not corner of right because that place is for cart and search icon but if you still want it to there then you have to edit code and move html accordingly.


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Hi @Guleria ,

Do you have any code to move my menu links closer to the center? In fact, the upper row has way more links than the lower row which makes it look ugly.

I'd like the upper and lower row to have approximately the same amount of links.

I am using the Debut theme. Please refer to the screenshot below. Thank you

Kind regards,


Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 23.10.35.png