Decent Traffic, Paid Theme, but NO SALES. What can I change?

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Hello fellow entrepreneurs!

I created my store in June 2019 but finally opened it to the public in January 2020. I am in the Hair Extention industry which is oversaturated. I have tried to stand out by offering visuals of my products and sharing my vision of bringing integrity to the industry. I am active on social media and try to find other means of promotion. People on social media say that the products are beautiful and they cannot wait to purchase, but I have not been getting any sales. I recently paid for a theme and revamped my site. I also added a payment plan through Sezzle to offset the cost of the products. Is there something that I can change on my website? Do my prices scare people off? How can I determine the deal-breaker for customers? Here is my site:


Thank you for your honest feedback in advance!


Hi @Allyce13 


I wouldn't promote Sezzle as the first thing someone views on your home page. Straight away I thought your products must be super expensive but they aren't that expensive. Really important to give the visitor great experience on your website. The theme could be laid out much better to flow easier. 


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There is a lot to go over on your website. If you want a 100% free review let me know on the below link and I'll send that over to you.


Overall good start. As for Instagram normally would see results when you start getting over 1,000 followers but its important for site to feel good. Keep up the good work.



Clayton Bates 

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