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On your product images you can barley see the neckagles and earrings. Like your 

Infinity Pendant Necklace. 

No stores generate alot of traffic the first months, and when it comes to jewelery its hard to optimize SEO because there are alot of them out there, and they pay professionals to do their work. It will be hard to base this shop ONLY on SEO. You could try some forums etc and try some marketing there

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Hi Liquid Fox,

Georg has some good points. Take note of them.

Also on your "Contact Us" page put your phone number, address and what country you are based in. If you want to make customers feel comfortable buying from you then give them as much info as possible. You need an About Us page as well.

Georg makes a good point about the jewelry business. It's a highly saturated market. Get yourself onto some jewelry forums and post every day. Like this one

They have threads like "what jewelry are you wearing today" that you can show off a piece of your jewelry you are wearing (not sure if you are male or female - please sign your posts here with your name) If you're male then take a photo of your wife, girlfriend, sister, female friends etc wearing your jewelry and post it.

The main forum I'm on (I sell knives and EDC gadgets) they have a paid section for dealers. I run competitions, group buys, sales, announce new products etc - basically anything I can to attract customers. But I try to post in other threads as well so people know who I am.

Group Buys have been very successful for us. Pick a product you think will be popular and discount the hell out of it (without making a loss of course) Try and get a minimum of 20 people to buy at that price. If it works there's 20 extra sales you have. It might be less profit but it's better than no profit. If you get no reaction (which happens to us as well) wait a while and try another product.

Don't just rely on the web either. Get out there and tell everyone you know. Make sure your website is on your business cards and hand them out to everyone you think will be interested. Have a stand at your local markets, or fairs or whatever they call them in your local area. We do trade shows for our products and if you're a good sales person you can make a lot of sales. The last trade show I did a month's worth of sales in two days. The guys at the table next to me sat on their butts for two days hardly speaking to anyone and barely sold a thing. I say hello to everyone that walks past. Handed out flyers and business cards to everyone that would take them. Lots of times we had people 4 deep in front of our table shoving money at us. I had no time to eat or bathroom breaks....

I don't have time to go into what SEO stuff we do but it's not much. We get more sales from Google searches than from Facebook or Instagram.

You have to push your website as hard as possible is basically what it boils down to.

Good luck.




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