Didn't get at least one Sale

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I've been using Shopify in one month. I have spent over $ 300 on Fb ads. I don't know why I didn't receive any orders (at least not one) .I don't know what to do now. Www.woowpods.com This is my website. I'm already asked for help. Some community members helped me but not work. Please give me a comprehensive site analysis and please tell me who my Facebook advertising audience is.otherwise i will give up
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Hi there, I took a quick look at the site, so I can't offer any sort of detailed analysis, but I can give you my initial thoughts about your store. 


1. There are many grammatical errors in the text. On the home page, where it says "Electric Pulse Massage", the text is off and seems like it was clearly written by somebody inexperienced in English. I understand English may not be your first language, so maybe try to find somebody fluent in English to help you clean up the text, make it sound more professional, and correct your grammar mistakes. 


2. After looking through your site, I understand what your product is supposed to offer, but it was not clear from the very beginning what specific problem it was meant to solve. Maybe re-arrange your text, and try to provide a more clear and more professional way of conveying your message to the customer. 


3. Your site seems incomplete. When I go to the footer, there is a line of text that says "Woowpods" but nothing underneath. It seems incomplete, you should add links under it. 


4. The color scheme of the website is mostly good, but the red accents seem off. I can see white, black, and dark blue all over the site, so the red doesn't match at all. 


5. As for your Facebook ads, I can't comment on that since I can't take a look at what you've made as an ad, as well as other important information (target audience, demographic, budget, etc.). But there's a good chance something is wrong with your ads as well, so try to maybe re-evaluate them and do more research and study on how to correctly run Facebook ads.