Diverse product range. Should I split my store into two?

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Hello. I have a physical gift and souvenir store and we specialize in handmade Native American jewelry. During the summer, we have lots of travelers who stop in for souvenirs and jewelry. As strange as it may sound, we are also the main costume shop in town so in September we completely switch gears for Halloween. The original purpose for our online store was mainly as an avenue to drive people to our physical store. While this is still a high priority, I now think we can also develop our online store at the same time. We're focused on learning about ways to drive traffic through SEO and other means for our Native American jewelry. However, before going too far, I have a concern about our costume line. I wonder if people would be less trusting with high-quality jewelry if they see Halloween costumes on the same site. I know jewelry and Halloween costumes are two completely different things, however, we have been successful with both in our physical store. Do you think this is something we should change on our online store? During October, the traffic to our site increases significantly due to local people looking at our costume selection. Because of this, I do not want to simply get rid of our costume selection online. Do you think it would be worthwhile to make an entirely separate site for our costumes so that we can focus the original on our jewelry? I don't know if this would have any effect on our local listing on Google or if it would create any problems or confusion with local people searching for us. Or would there be a better route to take? Should we just keep it the way it is? Any feedback would be appreciated.