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So after months of research 1 week ago me and my friends finished the website, added our products, reviews etc. We thought we should try with Instagram theme pages. We paid 30 euros to a page that had like 35k followers but it had very good engagement. It had like 200-300k views on some videos. So we send him the video he posts it link in bio and whala nothing only 1000 likes on the video and only like 10 people that went to the site. We thought okay maybe bad luck, not the right page and we found another one bigger theme page. It had 150k followers. We agreed on 30 euros again but we ran an affiliate program and gave them a link. This time the post was blending with their memes. It was a meme post with our product. Nothing again. Only 21 clicks from his link. Then we ran a few fb ads. One image ad and one video. Both were engagement ads and running on 10$. The video ad preformed terrible so we cut it out. The image ad tho got 460 likes in 2 days. Then we switched it to be a traffic ad (the same image post). It gets us around 150-170 pageviews a day but no conversions, only 4 add to cart and 2 or 3 checkouts. Then I switched the same post to be conversion ad. The estimated reach got narrowed down to around 250k people. The ad has been running since yesterday. No traffic whatsoever. Now I don't know what to do. Post has 470 likes now with around 15 20 comments. Gets traffic on traffic ad but no conversions when it's set to convert. Please help. The website is
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Hey there!

That sounds like you’re putting in a lot of work for little return. Targeting the right audience is tough for even the best brands. Now that you’re getting some traffic, let’s see what we can do.

First impression: I have no clue what GlowyDog is! While I like that you have a CTA, the drawing of a dog doesn’t tell me what GlowyDog offers. If I’m landing on your homepage, I wouldn’t be convinced to scroll to learn more. 


The homepage itself is long, and there are elements that can be removed. For example, I would remove “Our Story” and/or “Who We Are” from the homepage. It’s redundant and taking up prime real estate on your homepage.

I would highly suggest using a heatmap (to see where people or scroll) to help evaluate it. Maybe there are some elements you can rearrange or remove completely. 


While we’re on the homepage, let’s talk about the footer for a moment. 

  • Make sure your social media links open in a new tab. 
  • I like your Shopping Help page, but don’t forget to add a page or information on Shipping Costs. Customers like this information up front rather than surprised in the checkout process.
  • The Contact Us page is a great start, but you almost should include an email address. It’s best practice to include several ways for people to contact you - by phone, email and away form. 
  • For the contact form, remove the phone number field. Phone numbers are one of the top form questions that scare away customers Check form analytics if you want to see what your customers think.


Navigation & Product Pages

If you’re having a problem with people not checking out, I would find out why. I would be watching session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, to see what people are doing once they get to your site.

How are they navigating?
What are they doing?
Where are they looking?

Speaking of navigation, use heatmaps to analyze your menu bar. The order feels off. Instead of Home | About Us | Affiliate’s | Shop | Contact Us, I would make it Home | Shop | Contact Us. If people are clicking on your About Us and Affiliates links from the menu bar, move them after Contact Us. If not, move them to the footer.

The point here is that you’re trying to sell products, not just find affiliates. Right now your menu bar doesn’t reflect that. 


On the product collection, you need to include a filter of some sort. I would suggest filtering by price, color, availability and type (i.e.,collar, harness, toy, etc.). 


Also, check your products for consistency. I get that Glowy Dog is for LED products, but there’s a stray rope toy available too. It’s the only product that doesn’t glow, which makes it stand out in a wrong way.


From the product pages, I really like the ordering layout. It’s clear which colors are available as well as the size. I also like the sizing chart, though I would adjust to make it easier to read. It’s kind of difficult to read. For example, you provide measurement conversions for everything but the weight of the animal. 


Engage Customers
Your site is desperate for customer service. I would add in live chat. You guarantee 24/7 assistance, but it takes people off of your website. That’s the last thing you want! Live chat lets you answer questions while they are still on your website. If you have a larger international audience, you can find the best time for you to be online and available.

Again, people are obviously having some issues on your site. Maybe it’s concern about your products or safety or something else. You can set up auto invites with live chat so that if someone stays more than 30 seconds on a product page, a chat invite would automatically engage them to chat. It helps you stop people from leaving and helps you address their questions.


Another option is to use polls. Ask something like “Was there anything that stopped you from checking out today” to learn more about your website, or ask “What are your biggest concerns you have about walking your dog at night?” to see what their concerns are. The more you know, the more you can address their concerns and hyperfocus your marketing efforts. 


Validating Campaigns
It’s hard to say what’s going on with your social media campaigns. My initial thought is an issue identifying and targeting the right audience. I would suggest using heatmaps to filter data just from those campaigns to see how they interact with your site differently than other campaigns.


Additionally, I suggest strategizing how you want your own accounts to look. Facebook looks solid, other than a logo that doesn’t match your site logo. If I land on your Facebook page, I know exactly what you are selling. On Instagram, I would think you were just a dog Instagram account rather than a business.


Again, use heatmaps to analyze traffic from Instagram compared to Facebook to see if there are differences in how they interact with your site. The more you know, the more you can understand how to better market your products to that target audience.


It really all comes down to visitor behavior. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, poll, live chat, form analytics and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month. 


Good luck! You and your friends are on a great start, and I am confident that you’re about to turn things around. 


Cheers -


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Thanks a lot. Your advice means a lot to us. We will implement those advices immediately.