Done everything suggested in these threads and still no sale, please help - any feedback appreciated

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I launched my store - tech and gadgets - a few weeks ago and cannot get a SINGLE SALE despite following all the advice I found on these forums, listed below. I'm getting a decent amount of traffic through ads ~ 200 per day, but ABSOLUTELY NO purchases. STORE URL: 


I have spent HOURS the last few weeks on:


-advertisement (facebook and instagram)

-product selection

- re-done my theme

- incorporated pop-ups

- integration with social networks

- reviews

- an about me, policy, returns, guarantees, etc. 


 What can I do to fix this? There were a total of three traffic individuals who made it to cart, and then stopped.


Are my prices too high?


Is it the products?


Or what is it that I'm missing? 


Please, any feedback would be appreciated.



Thank you so much!


You need to review your load speed. I had to wait around 10 seconds before seeing the first meaningful painting. 

Try using Google Page Speed Insights to gauge your load speed and improve it following the suggestions. Low load speed can increase your site abandoning rate severely.


About your homepage, I have some suggestion:


1. Hero banner: This shouldn't be left black. If you are selling a wide range of product and confused what to feature, you can feature the best-selling product(s) and leverage the text to summarize the product range available in the store.


2. Feature the available collections: For stores that sell a wide range of products, inform visitors about the wide range of product it offers is important. Instead of featuring the "New Arrival", I suggest you feature the collections available right under the hero banner. The purpose is to let people know these products are available instantly upon entering the page.


3. Countdown, discount badge, add-to-cart button.


The viewport of each list item is very limited. Consider carefully what to include in each item. 

  • Countdown timer: It's the same with 4 items, you can replace them as 1 countdown timer for the whole store.
  • Add-to-cart button: For spec-driven product which people need much information before purchasing, an placing an add-to-cart button here is nearly redundant and a waste of space.
  • Discount badge: Consider omit it because you already have the compare at price.




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Hi Alex, 


Unfortunately, I have not seen the changes that have been done the other time  according to which you have made the changes. Therefore, here is my feedback on what I see now. 



I would like to say that you do have some quite unique items, and I was interested checking each of  them out. But I am afraid,  you might need more products, so that almost everyone could find something that they liked. 

Let's say that a person wanted to purchase  one certain item on your store, but it did not meet his/her requirements. Then you can make them something different from your site. That is more basic. 



At first sight the prices do seem high because the items seem simpler than they actually are.  Considering the functions that gadgets have, the prices seem to be justified. However, you are the one who knows the best in this case. 



I would recommend making the slogan banner at the top of the page smaller, so that it  gives a short description of what you are offering. 

Next up. insert the categories and then New Arrivals, that way a custom has taken a look at the overall items first. 

It is common to put collection slider lower on the page. 

Also, the navigation bar is a little overloaded, maybe put the categories in one line instead of two rows. 


Good luck! 





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Hey Nautiluswest,

Apart from categorizing the products into individual collections, you need to add bestsellers to the homepage to depict site peculiarity. Some other keen observations regarding your site are as follows:

  1. Add some more unique banners to enhance site look.
  2. To promote your brand better, Add Instagram images to the homepage.
  3. Adding some more social links will help in enhancing connectivity.
  4. Testimonials also need to be added to the homepage apart from reviews to build customer trust and belief.
  5. You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  6. Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
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May your store become capable of converting visitors to customers very soon.




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Hi @nautiluswest 

You have quite a lot of unique tshirts with slogans I haven't seen before, I really like it. I have some suggestions on how to increase website traffic as well as increase conversions. Have you seen increased sales or reduction in shopping cart abandonment in this past month with the changes you have made? 

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Hope this helps you get started!