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Hello, Shopify community!

  I recently went live with my new POD store and would like some feedback. I currently am paying for paid advertisement and have been getting quite a few clicks. For being open less than a week I have had over 150 visitors to my site.

One main problem I am noticing, is that when i do get a visitor, the average session duration is less than 30 seconds, on some days the average is 0-7 seconds. On my advertisements I have a fairly defined audience and a relevancy score of 8.  So my question is, are there any noticable flaws or things that I should take into consideration  regarding my site? Any and all feedback is welcomed. 


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Hi Sean,

Here's what I noticed:

  • Your website doesn't seem particularly user friendly. The design is very simple, but in a way that detracts from the experience rather than adds to it, and the header and navigation read more like a blog than anything else. 
  • Your website name could be better. Your website sells a variety of dog-related items, but no dog beds, even though the name is Sleepy Pup. It seems like the primary focus of your website is accessories and apparel for humans who love dogs, which is fine, but if someone were to stumble on your website organically, I think they would feel a little confused.
  • Building on that, your niche is a little played out in the dropshipping world. It'd be helpful to know what your demographic was, because from what I could observe it seems like your products are more suited to an older audience, and, if that's the case, your website needs to be extra clear and direct in an engaging way.
  • You're charging a little too much for some of your products. For example, the bedding is over $100, but it doesn't include the comforter, bed sheets, and pillow inserts. 
  • Speaking of prices, keep in mind that customers are basically going to wait a month or more to get their products, which is a tough thing to sell when most major websites and even Etsy stores offer free, sometimes expedited, shipping. 
  • Some of the designs are a little outdated. The pet niche is huge and profitable, which is why you have to be specific about what you're selling and what makes you stand out. If you want to go the dropshipping route, I would try to pick designs and products that are a little more modern.
  • If you want to charge more, and you're more than entitled to for great products, take a look at Pipolli as an example. I'm not affiliated with them, but the moment I saw their website I knew I wanted to buy something from them, even though their products were a little expensive. Their design is good, their products are fun and different, and their selection is varied without being overwhelming. Their backstory is cute and ties in perfectly with the name. In one word, they're cohesive, which is one of the best things you can be. They're also memorable, which is the second best (arguable).
  • Your product descriptions are off. Your "Dog Love Bedding Set" appears twice in black and beige, but there is absolutely no difference in the pictures. Not to mention, the bedding in both of those pictures is white! In order to build a successful website, you have to place yourself in the customer's shoes. Customers want to know what they're buying. That's the first thing they're asking from you, and it's the first thing you have to deliver.
  • Expanding on your product descriptions, some of thems sound clunky, like "I Love Dobermans Bedding Set for Lovers of Doberman Dogs." This kind of redundancy creates a cold disconnect with the customer. They also have grammatical errors: "All i care about is my dog Hooded Blanket" and some don't even include the product at all: "Best Dog Mom German Shepherd Black." I would go through every single one of your products and update the images and change the descriptions so that they're streamlined to include standard capitalization and syntax. A good format would be "Product Description" + Product Type.
  • I guess this is inevitable, but some of the images look obviously photoshopped in a jarring way, like the woman wearing "Dog Hearts Off Shoulder Sweater" in what appears to be downtown Manhattan as taxi cabs zoom by. It's a little strange.

If I were you, I'd do some comparative analysis. If you want to focus on apparel and accesories for dog lovers, what websites are doing the same thing? How are they doing it better than you, and why?

The last thing I want to mention is this YouTube channel called Wholesale Ted. You can check them out here. They have a wealth of resources, helping you with anything from choosing the right niche to the best ways to sell your products. I'm (again) not affiliated with them, but I would recommend them to anyone starting out with dropshipping, if that's really what you want to do.

Best of luck!

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