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I just reviewed your store, it's amazing. You need to work on few aspects to improve your store and increase your sales.

Homepage: Add more sections on home page such as  ‘Top selling products or best selling products’, ‘New arrivals’, ‘offers & discount banners’ to engage users.

Sticky Header: You can create a sticky header. Sticky header is something that remains fixed to the top of the website, and is visible even when you scroll down. It gives a better navigation experience to the user.


Mobile Score: Your google page speed score is only 48%. It should be above 80. Low mobile page speed may kill your traffic and affect your conversation. For greater success and to deliver a great user experience you should focus on mobile score as well.


CTA to increase sales: You need a strong call to action to convince people to act. Try using good CTA to increase conversion and sales.

Live Chat Support: A website with no live chat is like a store with no sales assistant. Start a conversation with your visitors and turn them into happy customers. So integrate live chat support on your website.

Structured Data- I noticed a non-standard implementation of structured data.

Product Availability - It's a good practice to show product availability information to the users to attract or please the customer.

Show off trust signals and customer testimonials to boost conversion: Customer testimonials and trust Signals build customers trust and help customers to feel more secure in their buying decision.


Add Write a Review Section: This is a great way to win customer trust by providing them authentic reviews of the product so add ‘write a review section’ on your website and display it with the aggregate rating.

Add Social Proof: Put effort Into online reviews & social proof as Social Proof builds brand image. Make use of social media channels to reach more customers.


I hope my feedback will help you!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!
Thank you!!!

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Great first impression!! The hero banner that you have used is high quality and tells a lot about the items you are selling right away. 


I have noticed a couple of things that might be hurting your sales conversion rate.


1) I did not quite understand what is your niche? It looks like you are offering some tech things but then there is an essential oil section and you do not have any section for about us info but have About our authors. Is blog your main focus? I am kind of confused on what exactly you are selling, and I am afraid any customer who lands on your homepage will also be lost. 

2) Most of the section on your site are not clickable 

3) Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer

4)90% of people read reviews before purchasing an item. I personally do not read the description too much, I go straight on to the reviews section because that is a social proof. In my opinion that is an essential of every site. I highly recommend (almost insist) and adding that feature on your site. You can use Growave for that, it offers automated emails within the Reviews feature as well. 


The features above can be done by Growave in minutes. It offers 1- marketing features all in one. 


Hopefully, I managed to help you, If so please let me know by liking this post. 


Good luck! 

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Generally, I have a good impression on your site. The colors, fonts and layout look good to me. 

And I have some suggestions for you:

- Let's impress visitors with a number. It will increase the chance that they will pay attentionDash Cam Collections – Newwavegadgets.us 2020-03-06 18-03-02.png


Home page

- Button and text on your hero banner. It's unintuitive to have the button covering part of the heading. I'd suggest you move the button to the place under the heading.Best Electronic Gadgets and Home Security Devices – Newwavegadgets.us 2020-03-06 16-52-23.png

- It looks a bit unorganized when the buttons aren't aligned. Reducing the text length can be an easy solution, which is also gentle to visitors' eyesBest Electronic Gadgets and Home Security Devices – Newwavegadgets.us 2020-03-06 16-56-26.png

- Pay attention to spacingBest Electronic Gadgets and Home Security Devices – Newwavegadgets.us 2020-03-06 16-59-22.png

- For this part on Home page, you can consider changing this image to another that has the same size as the 2 next to itBest Electronic Gadgets and Home Security Devices – Newwavegadgets.us 2020-03-06 17-00-29.png

Collection page

Same issue with the buttons, also the price is quite smallDash Cam Collections – Newwavegadgets.us 2020-03-06 18-00-49.png

- I'd also suggest you add testimonials, reviews and ratings to increase credibility for your store.

Hope they can be helpful and good luck :)



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Your store looks professional but the reason you are not getting sales is that your store lacks engagement features. You should maximize engagement on your store. If your store will be engaging then it will help you to capture visitors and convert them into paying customers. 

- New arrivals on the homepage are not clickable. 

- Add reviewsIt enhances SEO and ranking. Add product reviews and site reviews. This will help you to build trust with other visitors and increase brand recognition. Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A. 

Give rewards to your customers. By offering rewards for completing actions like making a purchase or following you on social media, you show your customers that you care about how they engage with you and want to thank them for it. This encourages them to do it again in the future, transforming them into valuable repeat customers.

Add web push notifications, it will help you to retarget your customers even when they are not on your store without getting their email address. It also helps to reduce the abandoned cart rate.

- Add a chatbot to make sure you never lose any of your customers. Every visitor can be your customer.


If your store is engaging then it will help you to reduce Customer Churn Rate i.e percentage of customers who stop purchasing from your brand and will also increase your customer retention.


To implement these engagement features on your store you can install AiTrillion.com. It is 'All in One' Shopify app that has all the essential features in a single app and is a fully integrated app.  Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

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