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Hi guys,


I went live with my online store on Sunday. I haven't had a sale yet. I am not 100% happy with my page. Would love some feedback !




Hi @franuschki 


Here are some suggestions: 


- Create a smaller-sized logo, so that it will fit in your header bar, as it takes up the whole screen both on desktop and mobile


- Then use the space, currently occupied by the logo, to create a hero banner with a call to action button, so that visitors can immediately understand what your store is selling


- The menu should be under the header bar, not under the logo or the hero banner


- There is a currency selector, but no other currencies than AUD exist. Either you should add more currencies or remove the currency selection


- There is no content in the QA page


- I couldn't locate the Terms, Privacy, Refund & Shipping policies in your store. Then, I realized that they are only shown at checkout page. You'd better add these in the footer. It's of great importance, as they add professionalism to your store


- Your Privacy Policy seems like a non-edited template, with a lot of info that needs to be filled in & edited, still in brackets, e.g. [[INSERT DESCRIPTIONS OF OTHER TYPES OF TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES USED]] & The Site is not intended for individuals under the age of [[INSERT AGE]] etc


- In your Refund Policy you mention products like giftcards, CDs, software... You don't sell such items in your store, so you should customize the refund policy to your selling items


- Your About us page is also another opportunity to "sell" your professionalism and build trust & credibility for your store. Take good advantage of it!


- In your policies, you use the email Always use a email address, as it is highly important for building trust with potential customers and avoid using gmail, yahoo etc email addresses. Here is a guide on how to create a free business email address:


- You need to add products in your store, and product categories when you have more than one products


Overall, I would suggest you to work towards your store looking more professional & trustworthy, show your customers that this is a legit business that they can trust to give their personal & credit card information. 


Wish you all the best!



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