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Hi all.

This is to warn you all lovely business people out there of possible fraud already occuring at shopify. About 2 months ago, we created an online store for one of our client. 

They used to be at godaddy until we recommended them to move to Shopify. Since we were the one dealing with their full store management from design to listing products, we would have expected we would be the only one titled as company's representative. WRONG! It appears some random website had found a way to sneak into the clients site and establish as the company's representative at shopify. 

We never knew about it till few days back when we had a chat with shopify agents, thats when we found out that all these months, this fraudulent website was benefiting from monetary rewards from shopify by being associated as our clients referral partner. The truth is neither my client nor us have ever dealt with them in the past. We never knew this website ever existed until we were informed by the shopify agent.

The questions my client and we ask is how did they manage to be known as the refering agent when we never dealt with them? They never sent an email to us nor my client asking to join shopify neither did we use any of their links for joining shopify...We have already raised a ticket with shopify and we are waiting for them to contact us...its been 3 days so far with no contact...we contacted shopify by chat today to let them know we are still waiting to be contacted by the shopify staff and the agent said he/she will make a note of this.

So to all you lovely people out there, be aware and contact the shopify members and verify that there is no such fraud websites linked with your account and making money without your knowledge.

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

First of all, I checked to make sure that your ticket from yesterday was assigned to our Partners team, and I can see that it is! You should hear from a Partners representative as soon as they're available.

Referrals in Shopify can be done, as you've mentioned, through a merchant asking to add them as a referral or through using a sign-up link. Usually when a situation like this happens, a merchant has been browsing the internet and maybe checking out sites that help with Shopify and happen to have an affiliate link.

If a merchant clicks through to their affiliated signup page, this can store a cookie in the browser. Maybe they close that tab, and do something else for a while, but then eventually come back to Shopify. The cookie carries over, and they have an affiliated signup.

Partners will be able to work this out with your help as well as the client's. You should be set up again soon. :)

Feel free to write back on one of your tickets if you still need a hand!


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