Facebook and Instagram paid traffic but no sales!

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Hello everyone, I started a LED Galaxy Rose store a few days ago because Valentine's Day is near. I ran ads on facebook and on instagram with influencers and had a bunch of visitors to my store but unfortunately couldn't get any sales.


Can anyone check out my store www.diamondstop.online and provide me some constructive criticism on improving my product page and the overall website? 


Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Nabendu 

  1. One thing I noticed, you have enabled multiple currencies, can you enable the GeoIP based currency setup? so like I am opening your website from India, I see the currency in INR?
  2. Add one video of your product.
  3. Show Embedded reviews either Google, Trustpilot, or Yotpo.
  4. The description should be well formatted. Currently, it's on the right side.
  5. Important: Use the live chat on your website.
  6. Add some more products on your store, and see how it goes, you currently have only one product. Try adding some more products.
  7. Try to show Instagram feed for the authenticity of customers.
  8. You don't have Menu, I believe it because you have only one product. You should create one menu and set at least About us, contact us pages there. Also mention your email and possibly phone number on a header, which will help you to gain more trust in customers.
  9. There are lot more suggestions I can give, but I believe you should start at least with these for now.
  10. For reference website https://www.continualg.com.au/ see, these guys also have only one product, but this will give you lot of ideas to improve your website to next level which will bring sales for you for sure.


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Hello thanks for your reply.

One more thing I wanted to know is that should I remove the countdown timer
from my product page?

Also, how can I test purchase using PayPal Express Checkout?

Thanks in advance.
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The countdown is ok if you want to keep, and if you don't like,remove it. It doesn't make much impact at this moment.

You can place the order with Paypal Express checkout or ask any of your friends to try and place the order with Paypal


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Hey @Nabendu ,


I see this is a dropshipping store. There are multiple reasons why you may not be converting.


  1. The product is saturated and/or not a winning product due to many stores already having sold this before
  2. The interests you are targeting are not generating the right traffic
  3. Site credibility, more picture reviews, better trust badges
  4. Price

I think it is a combination of all of the especially #1 and #2.

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Hey @Nabendu 

You need to engage your visitors coming on your site by giving loyalty reward points which will increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value. You can add a chatbot to make sure you never lose any of your customers. You can add web push notification which will help you to retarget your customers anytime even when they are not in your store. This will help you to run your store smoothly and decrease the bounce rate and will capture your visitors and convert them into prospective or paying customers.

Add a referral program. Referral marketing is a cost-effective way to gain new and loyal customers. Because people are social creatures, individuals that are referred to your company are much more likely to remain loyal customers.


If you would like to implement all these I would suggest you to install AiTrillion.com It has all the features in a single app and is a fully integrated app. It is all in one Shopify app. Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

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