Facebook keeps disabling my ad account for no reason! Plz help!

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Hello, my facebook ads keep getting disapproved for unacceptable business practices. I am 100% sure that the ads and my website comply with the guidelines.

When I reach a certain amount of disapproves , facebook disables my account, everytime I just reactivate it within 3 days. Did facebook just decide that my website has unacceptable business practices or something?

I would really like to know, because I want to use facebook ads again! As you guys might imagine this is really stressful! I hope someone can help me, thank you for reading! 😄 
Btw my website is Leysir.co

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same with my issue.. now all my ads disable with status "Unacceptable Business Practices"

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Hi there, 


I tried to click on your website link and it took me to a page that stated " To finish setting up your new web address, go to your domain settings, click "Connect existing domain", and enter: leysir.co ", I am also attaching a screenshot of the same. Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 4.56.07 PM.png


I think this could be the reason why facebook is not accepting your ads. 

Other than that, I am providing you a link of an article that states the various reasons why facebook might be rejecting your ads. Click here for link


I hope my insights will be useful to you. Feel free to revert back with any questions. 

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