Facebook store under review for very long time

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According to my best knowledge, my Facebook shop and Shopify app have all be correctly configured, yet my Facebook shop is not published, and has been under review for a few months now with this message "Your Shop is in review. Your products and collections are not yet published to Facebook. You will be able to enable your shop once it has been reviewed."
I do have a Refund, privacy, and TOS statements in place on my Checkout. 
My Shopify site : https://fondantcreations.co.za/
The Facebook url : https://web.facebook.com/FondantAngel/

Please let me know what I can do to rectify this.

Thanks and kind regards

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Did you find a solution with long review? My shop is under review for three weeks+ with no issues and can't find solution?

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I also have the same issue, what i did find out though is that your domain name has to be verified?

I will chat to my developer tomorrow and possibily have more clarity, hope this helps?