Failure to provide Paid-for goods

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I purchased a machine through Shopify it is called; "Larger Combo Machine LATHE/MILL"

I purchased it through Shopify using PayPal in February and have not received it as of May.

I made numerous attempts to communicate with the vendor and only got an answer after months of trying. (
The responses were apologies without any assurance that the product would be shipped.
Shopify has failed to answer any of my inquiries.
The confirmation email links that were sent to me failed to work. My registered account disappeared. PayPal could not get through to the vendor. Repeated requests for shipping the product or refunding the money have gone unanswered. I have spent weeks worth of labor over this.

Finally they provided a tracking number. After well over two months the tracking number indicated the machine was being shipped. I tracked the shipment and it claimed to have been delivered. What was delivered? A Combo Machine Lathe/Mill? No. A beaded Bracelet was delivered! A piece of junk bracelet!

So what is this? A scam?

I certainly hope this problem can be resolved, because until it is, I cannot recommend using this service. And I will be filing complaints and continue to do so,unless I receive the product I bought. The money returned is not good enough after all this trouble!

Arthur Greisiger