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Hello Everyone:

  MrRan27 Here:


I just revamped my store from a black ground to all white and would like your feed back on everything from the design, the layout, product descriptions and everything else you can think of to make my store a great place to shop. I expect brutality when being honest with no holds barred.


One can not move forward to success with feed back positive and negative.  I'm getting sales but I can always use more.  To date I have received 7325 visits and 143 email subscribers since my opening in November, 2017. The income derived from my shop is over $4000 thus far.  Is that considered good or bad? Looking forward to your feedback.   My website is www.eliotgrey.com







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What's up man! I'd recommend taking a look at the bottom of your site. It seems bugged.Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 8.24.47 PM.png

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.Thanks for your reply and it's appreciated. Not sure what you meant by my
footer on my website looks bugged. Website..www.eliotgrey.com

Can you send a screenshot and or explain what you mean? I'm still new at