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good or bad i know it needs help due to the ton of traffic iam getting from FB but no sales ,thank you www.realmen52.com

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Hi there,


First of all, it's great that you've been getting so much traffic. After reviewing the feedback we'll give you, your next steps will be to make the necessary changes and retarget your demographic, if appropriate.


Here are some of my thoughts and suggestions:

  • Your policy formatting needs some work. Your privacy policy still has template placeholders and is difficult to read. It all seems a little sloppy.
  • You have no product categories. It'll be very difficult for prospective customers to find what they're looking for if they have to sift through 341 unorganized products. 
  • Your sizing and color options are inconsistent. Some of the colors are in what I assume to be Chinese, and I've looked at both regular sizes and Chinese sizes. This is not really conducive to a pleasant or efficient shopping experience for anyone.
  • The product descriptions are also clunky and rushed. If you look at product descriptions for popular websites like Nordstrom and even Walmart, they stick to the material and maybe a short description that makes it captivating for the buyer. Your website has twenty-three line items and most of them are repetitive, lack proper grammar, or are entirely superflous.
  • There is no difference between "NEW FOR 2019" and "All Products."
  • Clicking "Home" leads  to a search engine which is already visible and usable thanks to Shopify's website template. Clicking "Home" should redirect someone to the homepage.
  • The header picture in the homepage is blurry.
  • The collection featured in the homepage doesn't look like a collection at all, but rather a bunch of items thrown together that have nothing to do with each other (formal button-up shirt, gold watch, and sleeveless tank top with a skull).
  • There is no discernible niche besides products for men. If you're looking for a "rugged" type of menswear store, you could do that, except you also have graphic T-shirts that don't really fit in with the aesthetic (like this one, which seems to be misspelled). Real Mens Store is also grammatically incorrect... perhaps you might benefit from a title change once you retarget your niche.


I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!


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Hi there,


Your store looks great, although I'd recommend narrowing your niche further. Also your logo says 'Real Mens' so make sure to correct it to match your domain name. 

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Hi, @aquinn56565!


I agree with what both @beaships and @Rockpapercopy have mentioned.


The website is clean and simple, which I like, but some things need to be adjusted.  The first thing I would do is create some automatic collections and add them to your main menu using the navigation. Next, I suggest adding more personality to your brand. Currently, the website is a little plain and I don't get a sense for who it is, besides men, you're trying to connect with. Use our free logo maker to add your own custom logo, as the textual logo is a little bland.


I think you've got some good bones to work with. I like that you've kept it simple but now add more character. 


Are there any men's clothing brands you're inspired by?

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WOW looks alot like my store