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I am looking for ways to improve my website, the user experience, marketing, and more. I would really appreciate any feedback that you all are willing to share with me. I am looking to create a map of how to proceed. Thanks in advance and my website is

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very cool idea , but i believe it may be hard to sell cereal for $80.00! if you could maybe run with your idea and make it more relastic you may have a following . but right now i dont know anyone who would pay $50.00 for 12 taco shells! but i  could be wrong wouldn't be the first time . other then that maybe make the page navigation easier with categories. maybe broke down into breakfasts , lunch, dinner , snacks , desert . something like that 

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Thanks for the feedback. The products are bulk items, but I understand what
you are saying. Cereal for $80 is for a package of 12, etc. I am looking at
finding another supplier. I haven't found one that will sell individual
items or I would be creating weekly, monthly, and holiday offerings.

The items are broken down by category: meal ideas, breakfast items, snacks,
beverages, etc. However, it must not be self-evident if you're not seeing

I really appreciate your feedback. It's honest. I've been getting people
telling me all about how they can help me... for a price. I would gladly
pay too if they would do a complete audit and tell me exactly, point by
point, we could do to improve and what to start with.

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Ok I see what you mean , so for me then it's really a clarity issue . Make
sure to make it stupidly clear what price is for how much , I would also
may be write a good product description for these. And all around just
make the site a little easier . Maybe try to combine a few of the products
into a ready to cook plan ? That seems pretty popular right now . But main
thing is easy navigation with to the point benefits of each item . With how
many your getting at that price.

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Hey @NaturalGrocer, here are some suggestions, hope you find them useful.


Fix your Instagram link


Seems to be broken on your homepage, pointing to, also does not seem to be a spelling error since the correct spelling takes you to another instagram / site.


Update your product descriptions to be more unique


Try to improve on your product descriptions, since lot of them are actually defaults, causing Google to see them as duplicated content. Also most of your product Meta Descriptions might be cropped too. Check this from Shopify: SEO Product Descriptions


Add JSON-LD to your site


This can improve your rankings by giving Google more useful data about your page. Check out this article from JSON-LD for Shopify app: Rich Snippets


Add a link to your homepage on some product descriptions


Currently you're not ranking first for your brand name "Natural Grocer", you might increase your brand awareness for search engines by adding on some of your product descriptions your brand name with a link to your homepage.


 Try to improve your Meta Titles


As an example, your title "Cherrybrook Kitchen Pancake Mix Wheat Free Gluten Free (6x18 Oz) – Natural Grocer" it's a bit hard to read, so if it shows up in Google search it might have a lower CTR (click thru rate) than something this similar competitor title "Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Dreams® Pancake and Waffle Mix". Remember try to rank first sites with higher CTR on their search results, so Meta Title and Meta Descriptions should be optimized for search engines, but made for people to read.


Add nutritional data to your food products


Using the same product "CHERRYBROOK KITCHEN PANCAKE MIX", some of the top results have nutritional data, and some have a recipe. That might help to increase your rankings for products.


Hope those suggestions help you improve your site, good luck!

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