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Hi Guys, if you don't mind would you give me 30 seconds to preview my store if it's ready to drive traffic to it or not!

Plz e-Commerce Guru's

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I just had look into your store. Its was good.
I have observed some of the item's gallery image sizes are not in equal check this item
You can add your social media page links in your store. And you can promote your products through Social media pages. It helps for to increasing of your sales.

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I checked your website and there are some things, you could take a look at.

First of all, in your homepage, there is not mentioned the name of your shop anywhere - it is really important to have it there so that it could be recognized and remembered by the customers. 

Another thing on your homepage, I would add there some short description of what the customers can buy there - you can put it to the top of the website, just a few words about what you do.

Speaking of what you do, it is always good to have a tab "About Us" where you tell the people, who you are, what you sell, what is your mission, why you decided to run the shop etc.

If you want some more feedback, join this Facebook group, they will give you some tips and try to help you, just leave a post there.

And finally, once you get enough traffic, you could try to use our retargeting ROI Hunter Easy app, which brings previous customers, who left your website before, back to your shop with customized ads of product they were looking at.

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