Feedback On My Retail/Jewelry Site

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Hi everyone,


We launched our online store about a year ago. The company has been a successful brick and mortar for the last 25 years. Although we have had steadily increasing traffic and sales, I am hoping to increase those numbers significantly more. I would love any thoughts or feedback on the site and what would better persuade users to make a purchase.


Check it out nad let me know what you think.

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Hey Janie,

I reviewed your website earlier today, and one thing I think you can implement is to add a story to your merchandise. 

Some of your jewelry are a bit up there price wise, so you have to justify your price to the clients. You can do this by telling the story of each item. Some of the qualities to mention is that they are hand made, the rare materials used, and uniqueness. Use those elements to tell a story that would emotionally compell people to buy.

Hope it helps!

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Hey Janie -

  I love the site.  Love the style.  The prices are fine.  I saw that arrow cuff and I just nodded.  Haha.

I have seen offers work... After being on a site, someone is given an offer that expires in one hour... then they spend more time on the site looking.  The offer could be a percentage off... but getting something like a cute little gem stone with a power word, or a pendant on a leather necklass might work.

However, functionality wise, the site is running a little slow.  I'm not sure if it's that it's heavy on images, if it's data tracking, or something else, but it's definitely noticably slower than other sites.

The two things that stuck out for me is that you're directing traffic off of the site in a couple places.  It makes sense in terms of the rug shop - but you might want to make it clear that you're leaving the site.  maybe change that to a landing page that explains a bit about the rugs, and has a call to action at the bottom "take me to rug manufacturer". ( Not the wording, but I think you get my point )  Give them the choice to leave, don't just navigate them away.

The link to the rugs didn't bother me as much as the "where you at" link... which navigates you away from the main store in a way that it's not easy to get back to the shop.  From a branding perspective - it's a super cute thought.  You may want to take those images / text and copy them into a shopify version of that page... so that you don't actually exit the shop where people can buy the things they were just browsing.

Last thing... The graphics are pretty heavy at the top of each collection / category.  You have backgrounds on the Category Titles / Breadcrumbs, which can make navigation a bit more difficult to read / click... and then you still have more words below that, pushing your products lower on the page.

My suggestion would be if you can... lower the opacity on the category banners, up the contrast on the Catalog titles and breadcrumbs... and then make the lettering that is below the category title smaller, or remove it completely.

Overall, very cohesive style and colors.  I really enjoyed browsing your products.



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Hi Janie, 

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