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Please help to review my site as i'm getting good traffic but no sales!


Thanks in advance!

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First I´d check where you´re traffic is coming from and if it the right kind of traffic.


If you´re getting your traffic from ads I´d recommend you post them here so I can take a look at them.

I guess the major issue is that your ads and your offer are not going to match the customers expectation.


Also when I first got on your page I had no idea what your shop even is about - seems like you´re selling a broad variety of things, which is fine if your main picture shows that too (should also have a headline in it with a clear benefit). At first I thought that you´re offering halloween decorations and was surprised to see that you offer all kinds of stuff.

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I've taken a look through your storefront and I have a few suggestions and some feedback that I would like to share with you, but let's start with all of the positives! My first thought when viewing your storefront is that it looks very professional, clean and is easy to navigate. The white background and crisp bold font go nicely with your product images and make them stand out. 


  • Why don't you try using Exit-intent pop-up- A good exit-intent pop-up helps to reduce retention rate and Abandon carts.
  • Your prospect's attention span is short, so you have to be quick on the ball. You have got 3-5 secs to grab the attention of your visitors by clearly stating what you sell. Adding a carousel with your features products can help you to achieve that.

There you go! Just follow these small tips and tricks and build an online empire of your own. With a pinch of engagement, your sales can skyrocket. I have some other "must-have" suggestions for your store. Before that, I need to know how many visitors do you get on a daily basis? What are your engagement strategies for new visitor engagement. I mean how do you convert your new visitor to a customer?


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Hi @Rachit,


I just reviewed your store, it is quite good. I have noticed a few minor things that you might consider taking to make your store better and increase sales.

Homepage Design: Homepage designs guides your visitors around your website. To engage visitors you need to work on homepage content. Everyone won't scroll down the home page to view more of the page so work on homepage content. Include trust indicators on homepage it can be customer success stories or customer testimonials.

Scroll top button: When we scroll down to homepage there is no way to go up on to the home page until we scroll up to the menu. You can create a 'scroll top button', to take a user at the top of the website to improve your website’s overall user experience.

Blog: Blog post section on home page could be better and organized.

Special Offers & discount banners: ‘Special offers, & discount banners’ can be added on the home page.

Structured Data: I noticed a multiple implementations of structured data, so it's recommended to effectively implement it to increase search appearance on SERP.

Mobile Score: Your google page speed score is only 36%. It should be above 80%. Low mobile page speed may kill your traffic and affect your conversation. For greater success and to deliver a great user experience you should focus on mobile score as well.


Images: Your website images doesn’t look responsive on many devices. Ensure text is user-visible while web fonts are loading.

CTA to increase sales: You need a strong call to action to convince people to act. Try using good CTA to increase conversion and sales.

Create a sense of urgency: Creating a sense of urgency helps increase sales.

I hope you like it!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!
Thank You!

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