Feedback On My Store

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Hi everyone!

I really need to ask A LOT QUESTION regarding my website, BTW, I begin with shopify about two month ago, and about one month I make my website SkyClothify and design the theme

My product's still need to edit, but if you can share with me your review about two or three product that i will attach here:  product 1  , Product 2 , Product 3

I'm still working on the webiste (the Free shipping, Taxes, VAT number, and checkout need more work).

I have another issue that I searched a lot to fix it, and maybe some one could help me to fix it... It's about the Aliexpress Reviews product app, I uninstall it, but still the theme and the color under all the product, you can see it with those proudct that I attached above...
When you open the product and you scroll down to the end, you can see some purple rectangular, and that is from the Aliexpress Review app that I would to remove from my theme...

I read a lot to how to remove, some are saying uncheck the box for (enable product review) in the product page, and delete that code in the theme code, and it's not working...

Thx in advance

Best Regards,