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Hey Community! Could I get some feedback on my store because I'm thinking about going live now and would like to know if there are any specific parts of my store that I could change or get rid of?


Thank you so much!




Link to shop-


if password is required to enter it is "password"




Great job, getting this far.  There are some suggestions that came to my attention.


HomePage: The slider is a great opening when entering the website, but I scroll down it seem to be pushing products more than presenting your brand with some featured products. I would say adding some more brand content with the sections theme provides, and  feature a single product.


I regards to the Products: I would reduce the title, making for an easier to read experience.   


Product Page: There is alot of information but the most important is the top half.  I the product description I would add the review stars icons above the product title, and the description text could be reformatted, reduce, for easier reading.


This was some ideas from the top of my head as I was browsing through your website.


I hope this feedback helps you,


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Hi @MichaelAli,

The hero header looks great, but I suggest you make the text more specific about what the page sells. The idea is to make sure people know what you sell within 5 seconds.

Please avoid generic sections like this:


I suggest you replace this section with the Collection List section. On homepage, it is necessary to let people know what types of product your store offer. You should consider reduce the height of the hero banner to make room for the collection list, so that people can see the collection list without scrolling.

Also, absolutely avoid using fake data. Visitors are getting more and more tech-savvy, these types of notification only make your store look fake.


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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. You've done a great job with the site so far! I love the hi-resolution images that you've used in your header. There are a couple of areas I feel you could really strengthen your business and its appeal to your target market: 


  • Remove the recent sales pop-up, or at least have less appear. It's distracting from the overall experience on your store. 
  • Have you considered designing a logo for your business? You could use our free logo maker Hatchful to create some ideas. 
  • I'm not sure what niche you are targeting, it seems you are falling between the fitness and dental niches, how are you planning to target a specific audience, as the two may not overlap? 
  • You should write a persuasive About Us to give us more information on you as a business, and how you differ from other businesses in your chosen niche. 
  • I'd add more of that information also on your landing page, as it seems light on detail about the mission statement of your business. 
  • Testimonials and reviews often increase conversions, perhaps from sending out test products to bloggers, you could add that to your site. 


Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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Looks really great!

One thing that helped my with my Conversions was a way to smart search. I have missed sales, in the past, because customers couldn't find what they looking for

Here is a link to an app I prefer:
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Hi @MichaelAli 

I was just following up to see how everything was going with the launch of your new website, congrats! How has everything been going following the holiday season? Offering alternative payment options is a great way to increase conversions and I work for Klarna that offers buy now, pay later type options. Have you ever considered offering installment payment options for your website? Our merchants are seeing increased conversions of 44% after implementing our buy now, pay later option on their website.  It gives consumers the flexibility to spread out their payments over time with no interest and we also pay you upfront and take on all the risks of any chargebacks.  Here is a little more information and how to get started. There is no setup, annual or monthly fee to get started today as well.