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Hello Friends,

my experience  with shopify has been limited and I am inexperienced in this field.  I'm looking for a little bit of feedback on my store i started really as a hobby, it was new to me and i enjoyed it so i want to give it a go. all critique welcome don't be shy.

I have not done advertisement yet nor did I spend any money at all. All suggestions are Welcome on moving this forward.

Thank you for your time.





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Hi Brenwar! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :)


Not sure if you noticed, but your footer links are inactive - they seem to be part of the image, which means that when you try to click any of them, you cannot. It might negatively affect your SEO and user experience - consider reducing the size of the promo image above the footer, which should then activate the footer links. If you need a hand with this, please give me a shout. Hope it helps!


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Thanks Maggie,


I would have never have noticed I will take a look now and try to resolve.


Thanks. :)

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