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My name is Bogdan and I am one of the owners of Bad Manners Apparel. We are trying to express ourselves with clothing designs.

We made 3 sales already in like one month and a half, and we’re looking for feedback or suggestions on where we could take site/brand, marketing, and so on.


Thank you!


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Hi Bogdan,


Congrats on the launch of your store and for making some sales!


Overall, the site looks good. The colors you chose reflect the attitude that you want your brand to mirror.


Your product images look great! You have also chosen a white background for your images, which is good. Products photographed on a white background are the gold standard of eCommerce photography.


Good job on your product descriptions as well.


Adding badges for all the payment methods you accept is also a good idea (although the footer banner was hiding these). This will make site visitors trust you and more willing to make a purchase.


Anyway, a few suggestions:


- I couldn’t find a size chart. You need to put one on the site as it helps customers figure out the right products for them and helps minimize potential returns.


- I would also suggest making your social media links open on a new tab so they don’t take your site visitors away from your site.


Best of luck!

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Hi ,


This is Brian from Magnet Audit.


I took a quick look at your Shopify site, very clean, nice job. You've managed to avoid over-cluttering it, it has excellent product structure (and actual products). I identified a couple of areas you might want to focus on in your next round of updates:


1. You have a FAQ page which is great, formatting wise I'd suggest writing it FAQ or F.A.Q. versus FaQ. And then to right-justify the answers to the questions (versus centering the text).


2. Notifications Popup? - Using an app like PushOwl will help build your notifications list, a very powerful way to build a customer base interested in new products, sales, and clearances. We've found it to be even more significant than email capture in terms of signups. Try it for free and see how you do.


Those are both based on the desktop view, I didn't look at mobile, which is perhaps more important at this stage in the game...a full audit would turn up additional areas to focus on, if you get through with the above and would like to try a full audit, you can message me directly or visit our website to learn more.


All the Best,



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Thanks for your suggestions!

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