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Well folks, I’ve gotten some great feedback and suggestions on my first store, but “a man has got to know his limitations” looking for suggestions on using Fivver to help my two stores get conversions. I am getting some traffic from Facebook ads but no conversions. Not even abandoned carts. I’m sure it is mostly due to the store set up. The stores are and     The obvious reason I’m asking about Fivver is due to my limited budget. Thanks in advance folks. You’ve been a great help

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Hi there,


Iris here from the Support team. Thank you for reaching out to us today!


Regarding Fivver, through my time with Shopify, there have been a number of horror stories when hiring help from Fivver as there is no review process that can speak to the person's qualifications. You do run the risk of someone making things far worse than better. I understand you're on a budget, but hiring a Shopify Expert would be your best route as they are proven third-party developers that can help you.


I'm more than happy to provide you with some feedback. Here are some observations and tips to help you with the storefront of the stores:




Quality of the image


There are some images that have different quality, I encourage you to review all of them and change the ones that look a little blurry. You'll want to ensure that the images you're using are 1024x1024 high-resolution photos to ensure that the compression doesn't alter the appearance. By doing this you will gain trust within the visitors.

Size of the images


I went into the product page and I see that the products have different sizes, it's important that your website has a harmony within the products.

There are a few help documents that talk about images and sizes.

Organization of the store


I also think that you should reorganize your store, so it's more visible and easy to navigate for your customers.


There are some blank spaces as you in the image below:



Two help documents that I recommend reading:




As you mentioned you had good traffic your first month, but no sales yet. I would recommend you to check your analytics and see why customers are leaving without buying anything. There is a great blog about this called "Driving Traffic but No Sales?".

You can also check out the app, Lucky Orange which helps you to track customer's behavior so that you can troubleshoot why customers may be leaving your website without going through with their purchase.






I think your current logo looks more like a phrase than a logo. Have you thought about creating a few logos to choose the best one? You can use Hatchful, this app is free and supported by Shopify. There are hundreds of designs to choose from.
I have found this great blog that talks about the importance to have the right logo, check it out.




There are some spelling mistakes, some extra periods or missing periods.




I don't see any policies on your store, please check the following links to start creating them:


All these recommendations are applicable to both stores. In general, they both are good, I see you've been working hard on them.

I encourage you to check this blog about The 65 Most Inspiring and Successful Shopify Stores. Review some of the stores and think why you like them, this will help you to get some ideas about the design.


I hope this has been helpful and congratulations on your store.



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Thanks for your help. Made some wholesale changes. Your thoughts?
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Hey @Gmele4 ,

For getting more sales and revenue you need to focus more on customer engagement and retention. You can start giving loyalty points to your customers on different activities like signing up, visiting a store, making a purchase, allowing for push notifications. This will help you to entice your customers and retain them. You can reward your customers in order to redeem those points. You should start using customer timeline feature to track customer journey right from the sign up till each and every activity like when the customer has last visited your store, Email opened, push received, products purchased, etc. This will help you to take action by knowing their behavior accordingly. You can add web push notifications, it will help in retargeting your customers. 

- Add web push notifications, it will help you to retarget your customers even when they are not on your store. It will also reduce the abandoned cart rate.

Start a referral program, it helps in increasing sales and creates brand awareness. You can ask your customers to refer a product to their friends and family. When the product is referred by some known, people tend to purchase the product. The referral program helps in increasing sales. You can give a reward for referring the product.


If you would like to implement all these on your store I would suggest you to install It has all the features in a single app and is a fully integrated app. It is all in one Shopify app. Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.


Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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