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       My store has gotten a few sales here and there. Six orders in total since March 2020. Any advice and marketing strategies given would be much appreciated. My store is and Instagram is comfygalore . Niche in yoga wear.


I currently just obtained my degree in business marketing last year so I am a rookie with marketing. I appreciate any advice given. Thanks!





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Hello @comfygalore 

Congratulations on your store page! It's quite well done. i like the minimal theme that you have selected because it keeps the focus on the products themselves. Most things on the store have been done right. I saw a couple of things that could be made better though, so I thought I'd share them with you. 


  1. On your homepage, make the top navigation bar fixed - even if the person scrolls down they should be able to navigate to the rest of the pages without having to go to the top. 
  2. Add the Contact us and About Us links even in the footer section. That makes those sections easily accessible from anywhere. 
  3. I think we could use a wishlist or an Add to Favourites button. This will allow you to send more targeted follow up emails to your shoppers and even notify them if you're running any offers or sales. 
  4. You could add some kind of urgency by adding stickers or labels to highlight things like sale/trending/free shipping. The Shopify app store is source of some really good apps that can add this kind of a focus to your store. I added one below which I thought might look good. What do you think? You can always look up more styles here.  


Do let me know if this is useful for you.


Hope to hear from you soon! Till then, good luck and do stay safe!



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Hi Comfygalore,


Congratulation on your new store page! I honestly think that the design of the page is awesome and I cant really ad anything more design wise.


A suggestion if I may:

-Resize the follow us on Instagram to a smaller one possibly put it on a corner or something as it takes too much space which can be used to showcase your products.

-The text on the picture where the girl is stretching is difficult to read personally for me. You can try adding an outline or border or change the color for it.

-You can also browse on Shopify appstore some application that you can integrate for customers to use to make it easier for them Like conversion.


I hope this helps you! Please let me know if it did.



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Thank you so much. Will definitely do this.

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Thank you so much!

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I think the layout is cool! Bright and clear! This is pretty good for a testing store. In my opinion, you should use some more additional tools to help boost your sales. Your product ideas are amazing, you can do more to make them more attractive in order to gain sales. You can try to import some more reviews to buil trust for your products, so that they can attract more customers. You can use some review apps, like Ali Reviews  This app collects multiple reviews from real customers, and you can filter good ones to highlight your items. The more positive reviews you have, the higher chance you get to get more orders and increase your sales. If you are about to start, should consider apps like this, they can help you to increase profit at first start. Wish you success!

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Hey Comfy Galore,

Keep the below-listed points in mind for optimizing your store:

  • The "search landing page" is disabled in your case ie it does not redirect to "/search" when the "enter key" is pressed while placing the cursor on the search bar.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in business pages should be a part of the site footer as well for better advertising.
  • Align all the footer links vertically for better alignment.
  •  You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  • Filters are very important for customers in order to identify the correct product from the huge catalog. So, you should look for advanced filter options for your store.
  • Finally, I would also recommend you to try Sparq product filters and search to replace the default search on your store, this app allows advanced custom tag product filters for collection pages, synonyms, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with the search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here

All the best!
Neha :)

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Hey there, 


What a delight it was to stumble upon your store, I love the design and your collection as well. And the name of the brand, RIGHT ON SPOT! 


Let's start with pointing out things that are definitely a positive point about your store and why I think you did a great job creating it. 


1. Lovely logo, centralised and magnified. I love this. Your brandname is clearly readable and just looks great. 


2. I love that you have a call to action button on your hero image, for someone who is repeatedly coming to your website knows what to find where so they would not be going around finding CTAs. Great job!!!


3. I think it's great that you have a gallery as well. It gives a very personal touch to the website.


4. And lastly, I love that you are showing product reviews on the product single page ( I don't find it often) so KUDOS!


A few tweaks and turns and your website will be beautiful and very convenient to use. 
I hope my recommendations will be of help to you to make it better - 


  • Product description - Add a longer product description on product single page as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search.


  • Some of the product single pages don't show the "you may also like section". Please fix that. This can help increase your average order value.


  • "Facebook and Twitter" both are the gems of e-commerce store advertising. Hence, should be added to the site footer.


  • Add to Cart icon - Prompt users to direct add products to cart without visiting the cart page.


  • Lastly, As per my opinion, you need to create a some urgency and social proof on your store. And I sincerely think you need to add a top announcement on your store which shows urgency and you can display your announcements like "free shipping",etc. on them. I highly recommend Superbar 


    You can use the same app (Superbar) it provides you tools like a countdown timer, geolocation, etc. I’ll be adding links of a few apps that you could use for social proof as well below.  


    For example, I'm sure you've seen how amazon creates urgencies in sales by showing the number of products left, upcoming sales, or drive sales by showing how quickly they have to order an item to get quick delivery, right down to the minute. 


    If you want to sell more, boosting the sense of urgency in your marketing is the way to go. Making people feel as if they’re about to miss out on or lose a great opportunity is a powerful way to drive conversions.


    One parting tip: like many other techniques, the urgency is best used in moderation. Don’t try to put pressure on your potential customers all the time, or they’ll stop taking your offers seriously. 


    Instead, focus on periodically offering great deals that really are limited. I'm providing you some other app links that might be useful. 


    Links - Urgency Pack Ultimate

    Ultimate Sales Boost 



    I sincerely hope my insights will be of help to you. Do let me know if you have any more questions.



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