Feedback before going live

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I have been working for a few weeks on my webshop, been lurking the forums and I wouldnt mind some feedback!
Webshop is in Dutch so dont mind the content, its all pretty well written imo :p
How is the flow, does everything work on pc/mobile, how does it look, what is missing etc..
Current Work in progress;
-change carrousel on homepage into list of collections
- blog
-starting up the social media profiles

Store URL is pw= auphoh
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Hey mate,

your store is looking pretty good! Just 2 things: the photos on your homepage are a bit low-res on desktop and I'd add more text there and one thing especially: customer reviews! (best with photos)

All in all, very nice design and I think you're almost ready to launch.

Btw, what theme do you use?



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Hi, thanks for the feedback!!
Yes im working on adding reviews but im going to add 2 or 3 per day since a date is added and I dont want it to look shady. I did design it with mobile in mind because i expect most of the traffic to come from there but will look into improving the resolution (i guess from the jumping woman?)
I used theme Prestige but I tweaked a lot :)
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Carousel on homepage fixed!
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Hi bumbastic,

Store is amazing to hang with and close to perfect from top to bottom. Consider some more quality banner images to get landed on the homepage and some more discounts to engage customers and bestsellers as well.
Also you have told that you have been working on few things which will surely add to the beauty.

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