Feedback for Thruster store after implementing almost everything

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Hi there!
This is my third feedback request thread and hopefully the last one.

I've made a few more changes to my store. I added another blog post, a few more products, updated the Who Are We page and created new slideshow graphics.

I am near starting Facebook ads for the first time. I would love some feedback before I do.


Hi @ThrusterStaff,

For color variants, I usually suggest our users to use color swatches instead of dropdown list. That allows people to tell how many variants you have at a glance and can easily compare and select.

About the product image, would be great if you can create a "zoom in" effect, so that people can view in even more details when they need.

Also, take a look at this product page:

The product description is needlessly long, why don't you just separate them into 2 column, 1 for the text, and 1 for the video?

Or you can use an accordion, that will make all content visible within a hand reach. 

Even truncating the content with a "View more" button is okay, as long as there's no excessive scrolling.

One last thing, shipping and returns are important, try including these information and make them as clear as possible.

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Hi @ThrusterStaff,

Hyde here from Shopify - excellent work on the store!

You've got content on it, by way of a blog, you've got clear navigation, an "about us"/ "Who Are We" section with a clear mission statement, and you've organized your products into clear navigable collections.

I would suggest looking at the aesthetics of the store. The color theme of your store is pretty important, and there’s actually a pretty good discussion about that in this help doc.

Similarly, bear in mind that the majority of your customers will be viewing your store on their mobile phones, so you might want to consider making your font bigger/bolder/clearer for ease of reading.

I'd also suggest considering adding videos to your blog posts and/or your homepage. Your customers are more likely to view videos than to read nowadays (sadly), so you could simply insert little product demonstrations or Q&As or just brief comments. It doesn't need to be stellar production value either, you could film them on your mobile phone.

Here's how you do that and here is a little more about why it's important.

I hope this helps!

All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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