Feedback for my store with low Add To Carts

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I launched my clothing store about two months ago.


This community has given me good feedback and I've optimized my store since then. I have yet to make any sales but I'm not completely disappointed since I've been learning along the way.


I've had a few "add to carts" from previous fb ads. However, these may have been lucky? I've been using tools like LuckyOrange to monitor what my visitors do. Since then I've invested in redesigning my website's branding and product page. My hope was I'd get more "add to carts." After running fb ads for 4 days with an audience of about 2 million, I'm getting a lot of website clicks with an average website visit of about 35-50 secs but no "add to carts." I'll note that my conversion campaign is set to "view content."


At this point I'm wondering if something in my product page where I'm taking my visitors is off? I suspect my fb strategy also needs to be optimized but this is a topic for another thread.


I'd appreciate your eyes on my website's product page and any other feedback to improve my customer's experience.