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Hi My name is dennis schultz owner of the thestripesinme. I havn't really got any good replies back about my store. Please answer and leave your response below thank u. I think my store can be the next big thing like ninelineapparel, livefit, and of course nike. 

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Hey there, Dennis! 


Bo here from Shopify Support. 


I love your page's simplistic style and clear format. While the store looks well, there are some changes that I would recommend making so let's get into that.


In your posting, you mentioned that you believed that you could be the next Nike. One thing that any big brand has without any doubt is a strong brand voice. Brand voice is the uniformity in the selection of words, the attitude and values of the brand while addressing the target audience or others. It is how a brand conveys its brand personality to the external audience. This is something that needs to be worked on in your site for sure. Your homepage initially had me confused, it was only through some digging and reading that I realized what it was that your brand stood for. From what I gathered your brand is patriotic in its essence and is targetting lovers of martial arts in the US, would that be correct? Let's take a look at your site and see where we can improve on to make this more apparent. 


Upon landing on your page I noticed a header message stating "Welcome to Taekwondo America". Now while this would be fine if your store's name was Taekwondo America, it is confusing as it is not. This is where you're making a first impression on a merchant and that first impression should not be a confusing one. One thing that big brands do is repeat their name or slogan over and over so the customer is certain of who they are, they project themselves into the public consciousness in the way. I would recommend changing this message to include your name, something like "Welcome to the Home of Taekwondo, America" or "Welcome to The Stripes in Me, the Home of Taekwondo in America" You may have something else in mind and if you do, go for that, the one thing I do want to stress is that you should not be welcoming your customers to anything that is not your store name. 


I would recommend expanding on your mission. Upon reading it I got that you were a patriotic site but nowhere does it mention martial arts in any way. You also mention that you are a give back organization, in what way do you give back? Do you give a certain amount of profits to any charity in particular? Also, with a name such as "The Stripes in Me" I found it strange that there was no representation of the American flag anywhere throughout your site and only on one of your designs. How exactly do your products have anything to do with martial arts? If you have decided to veer away from martial arts I would recommend moving away from that imagery and meta description.  With online stores, there are no sales representatives and so the products literally need to speak for themselves. Instead of listing your products' specs in your current format you should try writing descriptions that persuade the customer to buy the item. Why do they need this sweatshirt? How will it make their life better? I recommend taking a look at Oberlo's guide on writing a product description that sells here. This will also help you improve your SEO which will bring more traffic to your store organically. Your designs are specific but your description does not give any context. What is the meaning behind your "Rock Bottom" design? 


I would recommend expanding on your About Us page to expand once more on your brand and give a little more detail about your origin story. The About Us is probably the most underutilized marketing tool on Online Stores. What an About Us page should be is a goal-oriented sales page, one that focuses on highlighting the biggest selling points of your story and brand, making a strong impression on curious customers. It is the perfect place to highlight a number of objectives such as:

  • Communicate the story of your business and why you started it.
  • Describe the customers or the cause that your business serves.
  • Explain your business model or how your products are made.
  • Put a face to your business, featuring the founders, or, the people on your team.
  • Incorporate persuasive content.


In short, your online store displays your products brilliantly, your "About Us" page should be telling your customer why they should buy from you.


In conclusion, while your page is well put together you need to work on your brand if you are looking to become the next big thing. I would recommend taking a look at the following resources to get a better grasp on this.

Brilliant work on your store so far, let me know how this goes and if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help!


All the Best,



Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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