Feedback for our site please, urgently required.

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Hi to all,

Just wondering if we could get some feedbacks done on

We are new to this and are having a few problems, these problems are probably only quite small to someone who knows what they are doing but they are holding us up from making our real live opening lauch ( as in emails to be sent etc) We are only live now so we could see any problems and there are some already like the following -

  1. I can open the page on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer on my computer but my sister can't open it on any others at her house other than Google Chrome
  2. Shipping is a big problem in checkout as it gives us 2 prices/rates on the one page for the shipping. 

    It comes up the wrong price/rate in a box called Shipping Method, under the shipping address which is also in a box at the top left corner in checkout screen. Both of these boxes, one directly above the other have an EDIT option in red at the right hand side/ end of box. 

    It is then also wrong over on the right hand side of the page where it shows a thumbnail of what is in your cart, the apply discount code box, subtotal, discount, shipping and total price in Bold at the bottom.

    But when you go back over to the right hand side and hit the red EDIT button in the Shipping Method as i mentioned above in first paragraph, it updates itself and corrects its self. Why is this happening as it should not be and how do i fix it because a customer does not know to hit the EDIT button to get the shipping rate/price correct and they should not have to know this anyway. Please help. The website is if anyone could do a test for me and see what i mean. You can get out of cart before having to actually buy something.

  3. When you put something in your cart and then remove it you get the cart is empty, keep browsing page and it goes to our collections page but we want it to go to our home page, how do i do that. I know a small amout of HTML/CSS but i really do not know where to start with that.

Please also let us know if there are any other errrors ( but if you do could you please please tell me how to fix it cause there is no use me knowing the errors as i will not be able to fix them otherwise LOL)

Thanks for your time and i look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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Hi Kim,

Look to add customer pages in the footer like "Delivery, Refund Policy, Terms, Contact Us". They are good for customer reassurance and authority.

You could do with improving your descriptions. They are very short. Try and get creative and descriptive in selling your product.


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Hi there,


It sounds like you have a lot of internal problems...I would just call shopify. They are super helpful from my experience. They could point you in the right direction. 


Also, If you are doing a clothing store I would have more than just one model for the photos. 



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Hi Kim,

Here is the quick response:

1. The website is working quite fine for me in all browsers, you may request other to remove cache/cookie/history and try again.

2. Need to check in backend shipping settings.

3. You can edit this in themes > edit language > english > cart. It should look like this: kindly check attached file.

4. Moreover noticed on cart page the text is not displaying for two buttons.

Best regards!