Feedback in my store please

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Please can you give me feedback in my store

Hi @MajeedAlotaibi ,

Victor's here, I've spent a few minutes on your store & been hopeful that I can give you some recommendations which could help to improve the overall conversion rate of your store.



The interaction of each product on your site is causing a hiding issue to the title or content below them. Please recheck them & make sure visitors won't lose context while scanning through your store.



The collection picture here is too light so that makes it hard to read the collection text. I believe this can be fixed immediately by reducing the image lightness. This could improve the user experience throughout your site.



Since free shipping is a bargain for consumers, you should keep it in a limited period. For example Free shipping from 16/05 to 12/06. It will likely increase the chance that people decide to buy your products faster.



There is a bug here, it's on the product page. I think this is from the theme you're using, please contact the theme provider if you can't find the way out.



I noticed one more legibility issue of the product details. It would be better if you align the content to the left so that people can easily read them.


I know you've just started, please go the extra mile on the design perspective & see how it goes. After that, you can come back to the community to get more insightful feedback.


I hope my recommendations will be helpful to you. I wish you many more sales in the future, please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns. Best regards!


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