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Hey guys

My website has been live for 2 days now, so excited i made my first sale. I was wanting some feedback from you guys on what you think about it, and what more i could do to attract more customers thank you.



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Hi @AllAgeGames 


Video games are always of huge demand and the niche is not too filled, so I think with a little effort you will start having decent sales. I love how you categorized the items, so it makes it easy to find whatever a person might be looking for.  Video games are associated with bright color and dynamic images and I think you should totally take advantage of that when designing your site. 


here are pieces of advice design wise: 

-I am not sure if the baby is your logo. If so, I recommend using the colors of it on your site. If not, come up with one:) 

-place the logo on the favicon, it is a great marketing asset. 

-the hero banner is a little boring. I recommend choosing something that looks bright and catchy 


Functionality wise 

Social Login 

Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer


Rewards for repetitive purchases: 

The items on your store are something that will most likely be purchased by one person several times.For better customer retention I recommend using Rewards program by Growave, that will give out various discounts depending on how much a person has spent on your store or how many actions he/she has completed (left a review, shared the site, created account etc.)


A better functionality of site along with social engagement can be reached using Growave. It offers Reviews, Rewards, Wishlist, Social Login and 7 more tools all in one platform. 



Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so please let me know by liking this post. 


The best of luck!


Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that has
- Visual Reviews with automated emails
- Loyalty&Rewards
- Wishlist
- Instagram
- Social Sharing + more 

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I love your site, I'm an avid gamer myself and love the idea of a well cataloged retro gaming store! I have some suggestions just based on my experience: 


  • The Xbox controller banner might be a little large for its purpose. 
  • I'd love to see a logo in the top left of the store, rather than the business name. 
  • I think a little more work on the About Us would serve the business well here. I want to read all about who you are as a team, and what your mission is! 
  • I also feel a FAQ would be useful! 
  • Would it be useful to have a reference to the general condition of the item? And a photograph of the underside of the discs for example? 
  • I feel your business would be ideal for a blog, which would help with SEO for the store too! 

In terms of your marketing, what is your current marketing plan? Is it a locally focused business? 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @AllAgeGames ,


I've taken a look at your store. I've some suggestions to increase the conversion rate.

1. Add the store logo to the header so that it will be visible throughout the store pages. 

2. The product description in product pages is not correctly aligned. Make the alignment as Justify.

3. Add product reviews as most of the customers read the review before purchasing the product.

4. Content in pages like About Us, Terms of Serice, Privacy Policy, etc are not aligned correctly and also there is a lot of blank space on both left and right sides. So align-justify the content and increase the content section width so that there won't be much space in both ends.


I also did a flare check on your site. You have only 4 results indexed by Google. But your website has 1009+ pages. Before you think of ranking you should ensure your pages are found (indexed by Google). I recommend using SEO APPs such as flare by Mansion Ecommerce, which regularly and verifiably submit your store content to major Search Engines such as Google and Bing. flare automatically detects site changes and verifiably informs major search engines like Google & Bing. Plus! only flare can submit individual URLs to Google & Bing, allowing your prioritized pages to be indexed first and fast.


Hope this was helpful!

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Hey thanks for the reply. Appreciate your time dearly.


with what you said

2. The product description in product pages is not correctly aligned. Make the alignment as Justify. 

In the code edit section where do i go to find the line of code that needs to be edited to center instead of left? 

I am unsure how to do this on both product page and about us/contact us pages. Would be really appreciated if you could explain where to the find the correct code to edit on both.


Looking into flare now cheers.

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To align the text as Justify. 

Go to Products or Pages section. Open one product/page. In the editor, you can see a symbol like <> which will display the content in HTML.

Click on <>, it will display the HTML code for your product/page in the editor. Add 

text-align: justify

to your container element. Then Save the product/page.




Hope this will help,

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