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Hi there😊
I recently opened and would love to hear your thoughts on it! SEO perspective, usability, etc etc.
Thanks for your help
Br Josefine

Love your product images and product descriptions! Your website looks really professional. Well done!


I would suggest getting a logo, not just a text logo. You can get one for a good price on


I would also suggest regularly updating your blog as this helps with SEO and helps establish your authority.


Best of luck!

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Dear J-za
Thank you 😊 Will definitely create a logo, yes.
True, been a bit slow with the blogging..
Thanks for the feedback
Br Josefine
New Member
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very clean look. I actually saw a cleanser that i use on your site (so i subscribed !) 

keep you the great work! i hope you get some sales and traffic soon. 

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Thanks 😊 Thats great to hear! 😊
Can I ask you which cleanser it is and where you live? Another thing.. As you are in my target group 😊 I really need feedback on the assortment. (I plan to get most part of my traffic based on the known brands I carry such as LANEIGE, COSRX, Holika Holkia etc.)
I can't figure out what to do with the "cheaper looking" products (packaging not well designed/have a non luxury look n feel ) from the brands Hada Labo Labo, Kracie, Shiseido Senka. To some extend I'm also in doubt about the products from skinfood, innisfree, but they are pretty well known "K-beauty" brands in Europe. (you probably know above brand facts) 😊

Question is if they "ruin" the whole impression of the shop and look misplaced?

I know that these products are good, and have found good ratings for most of them( I link to sites on product pages), that's why they are in the shop.
But as many European (western) consumers aren't familiar with the brands or products they might just dismiss them as cheap looking - poor quality.
And maybe even dismiss the whole shop. Consumers have nice packaging equals good quality deeply imprinted. It's a fact, and I have it myself, to some grade.

Am I just fooling myself by carry these products?
What's your thoughts on this?

Thank you in advance for your time! 😊