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Hey there @ShobhitGupta ! Congratulations on your store. Here is what I'd like to suggest - 

1. Since its just a one-product store, for now, you can edit Shop All and rename as pillow section. Later, when you have more categories to sell, you can include them in the header menu! 

2.  You need to add pricing policy, delivery, and relevant things in the footer menu. This is something necessary to have! 

3. By customizing your store, you can add a professional touch to it. We can help you to remove "powered by Shopify" and also add some CTAs to make sure that users take relevant actions! 



4. There is no favicon in our store. Don't do that! It adds a professional aura to your store .. Try and come up with a favicon for your store! 



5. Although you've added social media icons in your product page, you should also add customer reviews and testimonial section on your store! 

What's your marketplace strategy? And how are you going to sort out your sales funnel? Now it's time to work on these 2 important factors! 

I'm from CedCommerce - a team of coders and marketing enthusiasts who help eCommerce entrepreneurs with store set-up and customizations! 

We'll be happy to assist you with any kind of customization; add-ons or planning our sales/marketing/social media strategy! 

As Shopify store owner, you need to know the course of your journey! It's going to help you throughout your time in the eCommerce ecosystem! 

Ps. I'm just a message away!

Wish you luck for your Shopify store journey! Cheers! .-. 

Helping store owners in their smooth eCommerce journey! ;)

Hi @ShobhitGupta 

I just reviewed your store. its quite good. You need to work on a few aspects which will help you improve your store.

Sticky Header: You can create a sticky header. Sticky header is something that remains fixed to the top of the website, and is visible even when you scroll down. It gives a better navigation experience to the user.

Homepage Design: Homepage designs guides your visitors around your website. To engage visitors you need to work on homepage layout design. Homepage content should be strategically decided. You can add more sections on home page such as ‘blogs’, ‘Top selling products or best selling products’, ‘New arrivals’, ‘offers & discount banners’ to engage users. Also, add a favicon on your store!

Work on to build customer trust, add some trust signals. Trust Signals build customers trust and help users to feel more secure in their buying decision. 

Product Page: Product page formatting could be more organized. It should be nicely spaced so that buyers find it visually appealing. You can display the extended details using tabs rather than a chunk of text. Think about how you can concisely convey and highlight the most important information. Also include a Q&A section to make product description more compelling. 

Put Effort Into Online Reviews & Social Proof: Social media Makes your visible and it expands conversion such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms for marketing and connecting with customers.

Live Chat Support. Integrate live chat support on your website.  A website with no live chat is like a store with no sales assistant. Start a conversation with your visitors and turn them into happy customers.

Speed Optimization: To increase visitors you need to work on your website performance’s speed as I am seeing it is very low i.e 37%. So it's recommended to improve it. Fast page load time will also boost the website’s crawl rate and It also improves the user experience. 


I hope my feedback will help you!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!
Thank you!!!


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Hy @Mihir_Gupta_ 

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