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Dear community members. We have seen the Shopify tweet that offers feedbacks on stores. We are a Budapest, Hungary based premium store which stands for slow fashion, ethical production and sustainability. Your feedbacks are super warmly welcomed. 





dear @bonvion welcome to the Shopify family.


First of all, congrats on your new store, and I hope you're thriving through this CoVid crisis. Bonvion already looks like a store I'd gladly buy from - in fact you got me at Herschel :) My fav!!!


Secondly, though your product catalog is small right now - i.e. limited products, i missed having some social proof and #fomo. Something to push me to buy - right now. Just like in a real life store, you want to display your best offers, top sellers, new arrivals right at the window of the store, isn't it? In the case of your store, i don't get this urgency at all - unless I scroll down to the collection of bestsellers below. That too, though, is very simple and does not call out "Buy me now" to me loud and clear. 
Suggestion: Add some kind of stickers to showcase stuff like trending, running out fast, back in stock, hot seller etc.  Apps in shopify app store can help with this by making the process very easy & simple. 


Your constant goal as a store (online or offline) is to quickly make a passerby become a shopper. 

I can give a few more pointers, but do try these out first for quick wins. I'm always around to offer any more help as needed, feel free to message back anytime. 


Oh, and stay safe.

PS: CoVid offer for all stores at

Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)