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The lack of reviews can be a negative. I had a client in a similar situation. Before moving to yotpo, we would just email customers about 2 weeks after they ordered asking for a review. I limited reviews to only show on the product page itself so you wouldn't see an entire collection with "no reviews." 


Either way--keep an eye on web sales with reviews showing on the product pages vs. not. If you see a drop, you might want to hide them for now--continue to reach out and collect reviews--and then add them back to the collection/product pages once you have a critical mass. That's what I did for that client. 

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@DeepVarnish . Thank you. I just removed the basic version and replaced with Yotpo. I know what I'm doing tomorrow - that is a far more robust platform.  Thanks again for all your help. 

@kenny You are welcome. If you ever need help with paid advertising and running ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other ad platform. Please reach out as I would love to talk about that with you and the team. Have a great weekend.

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Seems like a variety of oldsters in recent days are having the identical trouble and there is pretty a protracted records of others experiencing this over the last yr as nicely which does not make me experience very confident to buy from Chose ShopifyShipping over other 1/3 parties for the only cause of making this system as seamless as viable.

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I tried it out, added the logo for my whole product. It works properly as you can see. But does it automatically paintings when I have a brand new product?