Feedback on My New Website Please

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Hi, I have just finished my website for my new business and would love some feedback please. I am pretty new to all this so don't expect too much, I have done the website myself - all criticism very welcome and I can make the changes before I launch next week.

My site is

Thank you in advance. 


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Hi Georgina,

Congratulations on the launch of your store! Lovely range of products and the personalisation is a nice touch.

The store seems functional and more than easily navigable and given the uniqueness of the product I don't think that you'll have too many issues converting once the ideal targeted customers find it, as long as the checkout and customisation flow is not too onerous or difficult.

Some small observations;

  • Images appear to be PNG and quite large (2nd and 3rd images in cataglogue on each product page i.e. box and envelopes, not the card image). JPG might be an alternative format with smaller file size. Here is one article and a second article on images that might be of use.
  • Menu - might make more sense to have the shop as the second item...switched with About Us.
  • Different coloured boxes could help differentiation more easily between the different collections i.e. pink for girls, blue for boys etc and make it little more engaging
  • There is quite a lot of white space between the bottom sections. Perhaps these can be closed in a little? 
  • Perhaps change the section title 'Reviews' to 'Testimonials' as this appears more appropriate. Including a picture of the person also increases social proof.
  • Consider adding an automatic review app, such as ours ;-) (HelpfulCrowd) and use the widgets to display reviews anywhere you want.

Overall though I think given your tailored product, your key focus should now be on marketing and driving the right shoppers to your site. What are you current thoughts around marketing plans to create awareness and creating excitment?

Hope this is helped and happy to help in anyway we can.

Best regards,

Adam | HelpfulCrowd

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Hi Georgina! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

What a great business idea! I love your products and the fact you are focused on one niche - it’s much better from the marketing perspective. Who’s your target customer? I understand that kids, but how further do you differentiate the target audience? Also, how do you currently promote your store?

When it comes to your website design, I absolutely love your homepage - the handwritten logo perfectly suits your niche.

Consider placing a link to your products in a primary position - right after Home and Before About in the top menu. The primary links always should go first, and secondary links [supporting content] can go further in the link order. This will help you improve your conversion rate. Also, name this link ‘Shop’ - it’s a tone of voice with more direct CTA [call to action], prompting people to click and shop.

The featured image is also very elegant. Consider changing the button and font colors - they appear very pale against the busy image and almost disappear. The aim should be to get as much attention to the button to make it stand out:


See how this image will look with stronger button:

This will certainly draw the attention and make your visitors want to click it and browse your collections. This will improve your CTR [click through rate] and reduce the bounce rate.

The featured collections below look great - consider giving them individual images - people often digest the information visually [they look at the images rather than read the titles] when shopping online. If each of your collections had a separate relevant image, your CTR would be much higher:

Your delivery information is detailed and user-friendly - perfect!

The product images on the collection page look very pale - the small detail on the bigger white page is difficult to see here:

Consider improving the product images, and perhaps show the illustration from the bigger close-up, so it fills up the frame. This way your visitors will be able to see the design much better and will be more likely to click it to find out more and buy.

Consider also making your product titles more SEO friendly. Take for example “Brown Dachshund” as a search phrase. People who would search for it in Google wouldn’t look for a kids’ stationery - perhaps dog products for that particular breed. Also, Google is very intelligent search engine, and will not be likely to show the results of a stationery shop if someone is searching for dog products. In order for you to appear in most relevant searches [so people looking to buy stationery can find you in Google], make sure that your product pages - and your website - content is more optimized towards that niche.

You can rename your product title to: “Personalised ivory correspondence cards with brown dachshund”

This kind of title will help you appear in the most relevant search results, bringing you traffic most likely to convert. If you do not want to display lengthy titles on your website - no problem. Shopify makes it very easy to edit SEO meta titles [the ones visible for the search engines] separately to the ones visible on your website. Simply edit the meta titles for your products in the SEO section [you can do that in bulk]. Simply go to your online store admin, click on Products, then click to edit the products, select all:


Make sure to scroll down to the SEO element to edit the product titles:

This way you can insert longer, SEO friendly, product titles here, that will be visible only in the results pages and in your browser tab. This will help you maintain shorter titles on your website and still rank in Google for longer titles.

Product page looks great. I love the product description in bullet points - very user-friendly. Add to cart button - consider giving it stronger color as mentioned before to draw the attention to this element:

Your current add to cart button looks very pale, and that can affect your conversion rate. Stronger color can draw the attention - it’s a visual CTA and will prompt more people to click it and make a purchase. Consider changing the button color to yellow or orange.

Contact us - I love that you are displaying your physical address - it’s a great trust signal. Consider also adding a message form to this page [if you use as a template for this page in your Shopify admin, the contact form will be displayed automatically]. This way people can contact you directly from your website. Consider also hyperlinking your email address for a 1-click-contact. Learn how to do it now:

I hope you liked your website review - if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

If you liked this website critique, and would like to request a review of your own store, please click here now:

Best regards,


Rock Paper Copy

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This course is really wonderful and interesting teaches us how to earn through digitally

Thank you

Rahul kapoor

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Thank you very much, I have used much of your advice. 

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Thank you SO much, have incorporated almost everything you suggested - am still learning about SEO's so that might come later but the visual advice was brilliant. Really apreciate the time you took.

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Firstly Congrats, I think for design & CTA  related suggestion already shared by the expert here.

Some tools you can manage for your domain.

1. Google Webmaster ' indexing status ' 

2. Google Page Inside ' common on page issues ' 

3. Think with Google " website speed checker ' 




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Hi, Georgina!

This is May from Shopify.

First of all, I would like to welcome you to Shopify! I am very excited to see that you are planning on launching your store very soon! Second of all, the feedbacks above from Adam and Maggie are really really magnificent. They mentioned everything I wanted to say. Though, there is one thing I’d like to add, I saw that you have some pages for  Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Delivery Information which are great! I like how neatly formatted they are, especially your Delivery Information page with the table. Very easy to read and understand! However, as I was looking through your store, it looks like you’re missing a Returns Policy page. I highly recommend making one to help build trust with your customers. Furthermore, your Terms and Conditions mentioned a Returns Policy page as well, which you don’t have currently.

If you don’t already know, we do have a Returns/Refund Policy generator. All you need to do is check the box besides ‘I’ll skip the Shopify trial for now, just create my policy’, and fill out your information. Then, you will receive your policy in your email’s inbox!

Best wishes with your store, Georgina! You’re doing great! If you have any questions, free to reply back to this thread or contact our 24/7 support, and we’ll happily help!

Kind Regards,


Shopify Support


May | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hiii dear

I want to appreciate on your great idea and work towards store.there are also different type of collections which is great.

You have mensioned discription which is good and may help the customers to know more about the products.

Your small signiture logo is really looks to be a is quiet simple and attractive.

I dont find any facebook and instagram links related to your store.please try to use which may helpfull to promote you store as well as products.

At the check out or if i open any particular product there is no display of related products.please take care of it in order to get  CROSS SALES.

Finally i dont found any reviews on your you may know reviews will attract the a days customers are more concern about the reviews before purchasing the products. Go through any customer review app in order to improve your sales.

Thank you