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Hi Everyone,


This is my first time posting on a Shopify forum. We launched our t-shirt store a month ago. We have been running $5/day FB ads so far we have received 500 visitors but 0 sales. I would really appreciate if someone can rate our store and provide some feedback to get our sales going. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hey, @shaz92!


Jason here from Shopify Support.


I love your store and the mission that you have. The images you use are right on the point and you've chosen a great color scheme to go with your branding. After going through each section in detail, here are some of my suggestions that can help you improve your store's user experience. This, in turn, will increase your conversion rate.


  1. The fonts you've selected for the store are beautiful and echo with your brand. That being said, their readability is low via desktops/laptops/mobile devices as serif fonts have higher readability in print.
    Just like colors, fonts can evoke emotions. Serif fonts are usually interpreted as stable, practical, and mature. These aren't exactly the messages relating to your brand. To help you increase the readability and brand awareness, I encourage you to switch to Sans Serif fonts. They have better readability on the computerize interfaces and usually perceived as neutral, which echoes with your brand message. Just in case if you'd like to have more references, here's Fonts & Feelings: Does Typography Connote Emotions?
  2. With the currency converter, you have the USD by default. Your products' price-setting from the admin is most likely at a different currency. Currently, the prices are showing up as $22.01, $21.18, or with the cents not rounding up to a full price.
    Similar to a brick and mortar store, there's a psychology behind pricing points. People rely on the cents to know what type of products you're selling. For instance, the prices ending with 9, 99 or 95 in cents are considered "charm prices". They make the items appear cheaper than they really are. This is a major reason why when you shop in person, the store typically has the full price products ending with 0.90, 0.99, or 0.95. Once the product is ready to go on sale, that's when the cents can turn into other numbers (due to a slash of percentage off, but the store usually still run it up to a 0.50 or 0.25). I recommend you to double-check the product prices in admin and make sure after the currency conversion, the price points end uniformly with 0.90, 0.99, or 0.95. This will not only set your prices to charm your visitors right from the start, but it also will increase your store's professionalism. To help you set the prices, here's 7 Pricing Tricks That Make You Spend More.
  3. You have stunning slideshows and your visuals are strong. One thing I recommend you to update is the "Shop Now" button color at the slideshow section. Because your images are full of colors, it's important not to let the images overpower the button. After all, this is a call to action button. 
    I suggest you switch it to a lighter and brighter color that stands out, such as hex #89E3E3. It makes the button more visible through the slides so the visitors won't miss it. You can update the button's color from Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Customize. In the theme editor, on the left-hand side panel, click on the Slideshow section. Once in there, below Content, you can click into each slide and update the Accent color. After you're done, don't forget to click Save on the top right corner.
  4. On the main menu navigation, the drop-down menus aren't in the same sequence for the Men and Women tabs. You've arranged Men's tab with Bestsellers, Graphic Tees, New Arrivals, and Desi Tees. Though, with the Women's tab, the drop-down menu is with the reversed sequence. I'm unsure if this is done intentionally. One of the keys to having a strong design is to keep the design and layout consistent. You can update the sequence at Shopify admin > Online Store > Navigation > Main menu. Click on the triangle to expand the drop-down menu list. Use the cursor to click and drag on the six dots to rearrange the menu items. When finished, don't forget to click Save on the top-right corner.
  5. On your FAQs page, the contact information is different from the one you have at the footer. If you do have support email set up and ready to go, I encourage you to update the emails you have on the FAQs page.
  6. It's wonderful to see that you have a blog to help you with search engine optimization (SEO). I noticed that you have 3 posts published on the same date (July 29). To help you further enhance your SEO, don't forget you can set a publish date for a page or blog post. It's a better SEO practice when you update your store's content frequently instead of in bulk.
  7. The product descriptions you have currently are generic. You have some very interesting designs that resonate with your brand. Don't miss the opportunity here to share your design thoughts or inspirations to help you convert the visitors into shoppers. Remember, you're running an online store without any sales associates' help. The product page is the last page before your visitors decide to either make a purchase or leave your store. I recommend you to revisit the products and add at least one or two sentences relating to the design (can be a smart joke or personalized content). For some inspirations, here's Product Page Tune-Up: 9 Timeless Ways to Increase Conversions.


These are the minor tweaks that can help you improve your store content and design. Now, let's go over your digital marketing strategies. How have you been creating the Facebook ad? Is the active ad campaign the same one as the one you've created originally? Or you've made modification along the way and the ad campaign has been evolving? Is this your first time creating a Facebook ad campaign? Feel free to share more of your strategy and I'd be happy to offer you some pointers or share more resources with you to help you get the sales.


I hope this information helps. However, should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply back here and I'd be happy to help out!


All the best,

Jason | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @shaz92 


@JasonC already gave some great feedback but I wanted to emphasize some elements. 


- The empty space in the dropdown is difficult on the aesthetic of balance. If you can fill in the space like you have with Desi Tees it would help.



- The grey font on a grey back ground on the main menu is hard to read - Perhaps try black font or a white background.

- The font used on the About Us page (and perhaps others) is quite difficult to read.

- I didn't see any obvious links to social profiles (FB, Twitter, Instagram). Leverage these (Instagram especially) - it works well for fashion brands. 


- Andrew - Intelligent inventory finance.
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