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Hi Everyone,


I've just launched  a health and fitness company.  Currently, the goal is to sell a premium organic Turmeric supplement after which I will start a Kickstarter campaign for athletic apparel.




Please let me know your thoughts.



Asif Iqbal

CEO, UbeU Health and Fitness



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Why would you pay to bring someone into your store only to send them to amazon so you can pay a fee and not have access to the customers information?
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Hey, Asif.


My name is Lizzy. I'm one of the Gurus on the support team at Shopify.


Right off the bat, when I landed on your homepage I was interested in learning more about your product. The articles you have shared and the images used are eye catching and informative. I also love that you have your own video content, which is educational and very applicable to your brand. Are these things you update on a regular basis? Would it work for your site to include a slideshow slide that announces new videos/posts will be release each Wednesday, for example?


I noticed that your Instagram account is similarly full of useful content and posts that focus more on the lifestyle your customers will be buying into as opposed to pushing your products. As the fitness community is so active on social media, have you started running ads at all on Instagram or Facebook? One of the most effective ad campaigns I saw was when a merchant promoted an Instagram post that was looking for employees. In a similar way, you could promote a post that offers a benefit to people seeing it, like a workout tutorial or challenge. What sort of plans do you have in place for marketing your supplement?


I wanted to share this link with you as it is all about different, successful fitness brands. It goes into a little bit of the back story behind each and may provide some inspiration while you work on building up your business. 


While browsing your store, I noticed that the menu link "APPAREL" on your site currently routes back to the homepage. Have you thought about adding in a page which explains a bit more about the clothing you're looking to create? You could mention that the kickstarter is coming soon and even include newsletter sign up for customers that would like to know when the campaign is launched.


Another page I wanted to share with you is this one from the Shopify Blog. It goes into detail on how to maximize the potential of using Shopify and Kickstarter together.


I was also curious about your reasoning for not selling your product directly on Shopify. Would you be interested in sharing a bit more about that with me?


Please let me know if you have any questions about what I've said here.


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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