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Hello All!

I just opened my stationery store, Paper Donkey, and would really appreciate any feedback given, negative or positive!! This is my first e-commerce venture, and boy has it taken me a long time to get to this point.

Thanking you in advance for any help, input or advice you can give me!


Paper Donkey Stationery Store

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Hi Karin! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)


What a great name - I LOVE the name, the products, the logo, all of it - you have a strong and quirky branding, which is half the work when building a business :) I love the color palette and that you are displaying the products on the homepage, clearly visible above the fold - your visitors know right away what you are selling, which helps you reduce bounce rate, perfect.


Your logo doesn’t display clearly on my screen - perhaps it’s the file type issue - with logos, or any illustrations, it’s best to use .png file. Also make sure that the image has exactly the same dimensions as recommended by your theme, otherwise the template will stretch the image which can result in a blurry effect.


Your product images look amazing, and I love that you are displaying three items per row.


Personally I’m not a great fan of the templates with a side menu - it’s quite a dated layout, and majority of new websites have a main menu on top, with the website content displayed below. It will help you create more upmarket feel for your products by adding more white space - consider customizing your current template, or changing the template to a new one with a top menu.


Your products have a lot of quality images, very inviting to browse. Some of the products like this pencil case: have drop-down menu option saying ‘Color’ while the choices are for the softness [HB, 2B]:Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 06.29.00.png


That can be a little confusing for your visitors. You can easily edit the variant title on the product, by changing ‘Color’ to ‘Grade’ or similar.


Also the reviews below sometimes are little confusing:Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 06.29.18.png

It’s worth looking into the settings of the review app to show only selected reviews or only the last few ones. Most of them seem to come from the clients in Moscow, and I know you are based in Canada, and it might make an impression you focus on the clients from Europe/Asia only.


Our Story - is great content. I love the personal touch and bit of background info, it’s always nicer to buy from someone you feel you know :) And I love the photo of you and Willow - you should make it bigger and upload it at the top, within the content.


Consider also optimizing this page with SEO friendly H tags, internal and external links, compress the image, add alt tags and link tags, add Geotags, optimize Google snippets, make your URLs SEO friendly and more. It’s essential to optimize your website from the very start [or as early as possible] to help you rank quicker for your target keywords. If you’re not sure how to do it, please check this FREE video course: How to SEO your website and get to Google #1 in 3 Months.


Not sure if you noticed, that when you click to zoom the product image, there’s no option to close the preview and go back to the product description. See the screen recording here:


The only way I could do it is with ‘Escape’ button, but other users - especially on mobile - might have difficulty operating your website, which might knock off some Google points. Make sure to work on that to give you a better image preview. Consider using one of the Shopify apps like Cool Image Magnifier for a professional sleek experience for your shoppers. You can browse similar apps here:


Shipping and Returns - it’s an excellent idea that you have a clearly displayed table with the shipping times and free delivery info - very user-friendly, excellent.


Make sure to use a professional email address [such as] instead of free one. It’s a great way to build trust as an established business. You can create a custom email address matching your domain with G-Suite - learn how to do it here:


Also make sure to hyperlink your email address for a one-click contact - see how to do it below - or follow the step-by-step instructions here: how to hyperlink email address.


Blog - consider blogging regularly - it can help you keep your website fresh with new content [and will make Google bots crawl your website more frequently], which will help you build your Google rank. Blog is also a great way to bring more relevant traffic from the search engines - websites with more written content [articles] tend to outperform websites with no blog in the search results, and therefore get more traffic.


Hope it helps, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

If you liked this website critique, and would like to request a review of your own store, please click here now:


Best regards,


Shopify Partner | Ecommerce expert

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Hi Maggie!

Wow! Thank you so much for the very detailed and well thought out feedback! This was more than I could have ever hoped for. I will look into making these changes right away. 

Thanks again,


Paper Donkey