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Hello Everyone!

Looking for feedback on our site

We launched on 1/10/18 and have had decent traffic so far. Shopify says it’s in the top 7%, but not really sure if that means anything in real world.

We have had sales but our conversion rate sucks. Looking for pointers to increase conversion. It’s averaging .28%! We are getting daily email subscribers so that’s good and our bounce rate is excellent around 35% on average. 

What do you think?

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Your site looks nice! ?

If you are on the top 7% then, you get at least 100 or so visitors per day?

Well, I'm just guessing based on my website. ??  It really has to do with the quantity of websites that were launched the same day,...

I opened mine a few months ago and have always struggled. Mine was at 14% when launched and many times will go down 1% or up to 15%. But, I don't invest on adds on social media. I have found that, for the type of items I sell, that doesn't really work for me....

My items are very low price. Not worth paying for adds. Instead, I use other sources and have so far 107 sales. Thought, I fee like I hardly ever sell anything. 

As time goes by, I have brought it down from 14% to 11% (currently). But, I can't even get to 10. ? Making people to actually purchase something is harder than I thought. Anyway!


The text you have on the sign up newsletter it shows cutted out.


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Thanks. The daily traffic fluctuates a lot. Sometimes around 50 a day and others around 150 a day. Seems like our best time is mid week. We are getting a lot of newsletter sign ups without using pop ups and seems like people are hanging around a bit checking it out, but conversions still suck. I’m starting to think it’s just too early to tell and the newsletter sign ups are a good sign people are interested. Most traffic is direct and organic search. We are doing a lot of grass roots marketing right now.

Ive noticed that with the text. It shows with larger screens. Trying to figure a way to hide it on mobile.